Dr. Anan asks why the virus that has been stored for 40 years has to be used to vaccinate the monkey pox.

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2 Jun 2022 09:58 a.m.

Dr. Anan asks why the virus that has been collected for 40 years has to be used as a smallpox vaccine. Importantly, I’m still not sure if it will actually be used or not.

On June 2, 2022, Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, Biotech virologist, NSTDA, posted a message via Facebook. Anan Jongkaewwattana specify the message have questions about “Monkey Pox Vaccine” Interestingly, we now have several technologies including mRNA, viral vector, recombinant subunit that can create vaccines quickly. Why do we need to bring a virus that was collected from 40 years ago to be a vaccine? Does this mean that science goes back to the original technology or not? It’s a very good question.

To answer this question more clearly, we must first introduce ourselves to the smallpox virus, or Poxvirus. The smallpox virus particles are considerably larger than the COVID-19 virus, and the difference is clear. Covid-19 virus There is a clear, straightforward mechanism for infecting cells. Simply put, the spike protein on the surface of the viral particle binds to the receptor protein on the host cell surface. If there is a vaccine that immunizes or antibodies against spike spike inhibit the binding process, the virus cannot continue. The vaccine is aimed at making Spike known to the body. to create high antibodies

But the monkey pox virus is not the same as COVID in many respects. The most obvious is There are two different forms of monkeypox virus particles, both of which can infect and form new viruses in nature. The first form is called IMV or MV, and the other is called EEV or EV. Both MV and EV are synonymous with viral particles produced by the virus. protected from infected cells And are ready to multiply in neighboring cells or spread to others. The challenge point is that MV and EV have completely different mechanisms of attachment to cells.

From the MV picture, there are some proteins on the surface. (yellow protein) which is believed to act similarly with the spike to bind to the receptor protein Those proteins could in principle be further developed into vaccines, but the EV pushed the structure of another lipid layer to cover the MV, and on top of that there was another set of proteins. (blue protein) that is used to enter cells as well Today, we still do not know how many types of proteins in the blue series are. At this point, you can imagine that What do we use to make vaccine D antigens, yellow proteins or blue proteins, or both, and what proteins must be included in the vaccine to prevent infection? No answer today

The best method is imitate nature We don’t know what proteins there are enough to build immunity. But nature provides viruses with similar properties. Sufficient to stimulate cross-species immunity to prevent monkeypox virus or high level human smallpox. Although there is a risk of using such natural viruses. but with the properties that are attenuated to an acceptable level Thus making the virus older than 40 years still have to be the best choice.

Information from Anan Jongkaewwattana Facebook page.

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