Dr. Bauldrick, first woman to perform a pediatric liver transplant in Puerto Rico

This milestone marks a new medical reference on the Island.

Dr. Francis Bauldrick, transplant surgeon at Hospital Auxilio Mutuo. Photos: Provided by Dr. to the Medicine and Public Health team.

This fact marks a crucial moment for Puerto Rican medicine, since it opens new opportunities for pediatric patients. The Dra. Francis Bauldricksurgeon of Transplant of the Hospital Loanchanged the life of a two-year-old patient.

“Today, together with my work team, I had the opportunity to be the first Puerto Rican woman to perform a transplant pediatric liver. I feel very proud to be able to help this patient and in the future other children who require this specialty. Thanks to the people who trusted me and who prepared me for this moment, “she exclusively told MSP.

Dr. Bauldrick, together with the medical team of the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital. Photo: Provided by the doctor to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

Bauldrick was the first Puerto Rican training in the abdominal transplant program -liver, pancreas and kidney- and hepatobiliary surgery in the Columbia Presbyterian from New Yorkin the year 2017.

The doctor today is part of a select group from multi-organ surgeons y hepatobiliares on the island, including doctors John of the River (spain), Peter Hernandez (Puerto Rico) of the Mutual Aid Hospital.

This fact was celebrated by the doctors, where Dr. Pedro Hernández, director of the Hepatobiliary Surgery and Transplant Program of the UPR RCM and Surgical Director of the Kidney and Pancreas Transplant programs of Auxilio Mutuo, highlighted the importance of this type of Academic programs.

“Very often we see how we train medical specialists in Puerto Rico and then we cannot keep them on the island. In the case of Dr. Bauldrick, after training and working for 3 years in elite transplant programs in the state of New York, she returned to the land that saw him born to make a homeland and offer his services to the island’s patients,” he emphasized.

He stressed that he was proud to have participated in the professional education of the specialist “and it was a privilege to assist her today in an operation as complex as it is a transplant of Liver in an infant”.

“If we want to continue with medical services of excellence like those offered at the Hospital Auxilio Mutuo Transplant Center, we must protect the medical entertainment programs on the island at all costs,” he concluded.

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