Dr. Drew Pinksy Apologizes For Comparing Corona Virus To Flu: “I Got It Wrong” (Video)

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Media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky apologized for his earlier comments on comparing coronavirus to influenza or flu on Saturday, saying he “did something wrong.” “My early comments on equating coronavirus with influenza were wrong. You were wrong. I was part of a choir that said that. And we were wrong. And I want to apologize for that, ”said Dr. Drew in a periscope video he shared on Twitter on Saturday. “I wish I understood correctly, but I misunderstood.” Pinsky has been criticized for a video released in early February that spreads the Internet by downplaying the corona virus, saying it is “press-based panic.” It was far less dangerous than the flu. In the video, he also says that your chances of dying from coronavirus are less than that of being hit by an asteroid. READ ALSO: Millions of people receive coronavirus updates from Fox News – This lawsuit says the network gave them wrong information, Pinsky said in Saturday’s video That where he made a mistake comparing the coronavirus to the flu was that he only looked at the numbers and not the severity of the disease. He added that since then he has consistently told viewers to Listen to Anthony Fauci from the CDC. In the past few days, Pinsky has said he has made media appearances to change his earlier statements and is practicing the CDC’s “aggressive” recommendations for further social distancing. “Thank god I have Dr. Fauci did not misunderstand, and when he clarified that this was not a common influenza, that it was significantly worse, I adjusted the course. And if you notice, I supported the media for about two hours today and changed my perspective to sign up for the aggressive measures we are taking, “said Pinsky.” I also said that I would recommend the CDC followed ;; Follow Dr.’s recommendation Fauci. You will protect us. And I thought when the government started to take more aggressive measures, we should all sign up. We have a collective responsibility for it. I do what I should do. I’m wearing a mask outside now. And it paid off. It is improving. It smoothes the curve. And I’m very happy to be part of it. I am happy to be part of it. “Also read: Sean Hannity insists that a week after he did just that, he never referred to the (kidding) (video) Pinsky in conclusion that he will do his part at the front as well. I got mine committed to working with the New York and Los Angeles Health Corps to work with first responders. “My heart and soul are in New York City, where I spend a lot of time, and I will find a way back when they need me. If you need me on the front line, I’ll go, “the doctor said. Watch Pinsky’s periscope show below: DoseOfDrDrew 4/4/2020 https://t.co/KtAozL0HQa – Dr. Drew (@drdrew) April 4, 2020Read original story Dr. Drew Pinksy apologizes for comparing the corona virus to the flu: ‘I Got It Wrong’ (video) at TheWrap


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