“Dr. Pichet” opens his mind to clear! Kachai Kao can alleviate COVID-19?

“Dr. Pichet” opens his mind to clear! Kachai Kao can alleviate COVID-19?

The trending program on 21 July 64, “Young Kanchai Kammutploy”, as the moderator, interviewed “Dr. Pichet Banyat”, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences and former President of the Thai Traditional Medicine Council. Kaempferia case Can it alleviate the symptoms of COVID?

In front of the teacher, there are ginger, white galingale, lemongrass, galangal, do they create a landscape?
“Yes, in Thai traditional medicine If the herbs are spicy, they stimulate the fire element. The fire element is the part that corresponds to modern medicine, namely immunity. When eating spicy food stimulates the immune system. which we have general immunity and specific immunity Specific immunity is achieved only after being vaccinated. Even if there is a specific immunity against a specific disease, but the primary one that will protect us is general immunity obtained from food exercise breathing clean air.”

Kaempferia that he is popular is trending. Villagers say that eating white galingale can prevent covids. Is it really like that?
“Kaempferia must be called a herb that we have been using for a long time. The bottom of the kitchen is empty. But the use of Thai people will be used to cook food If it is used in Thai medicine textbooks, there are, for example, Trikan Poison Medicine Recipe. In fact, this recipe is considered very good. Literally, these are three things that can heal the disease over time or prevent poisoning from entering the body. In everyday life, no one talks about it because it’s about Thai traditional medicine. It consists of using red basil root, galangal rhizome, and galingale root, but actually Kaempferia in general. When we use it, we tend to focus on Krachai milk. or Krachai rootstock Or Krachai root, but really the head or rhizome can be used as well. really helpful Both can be used The textbook of Thai traditional medicine will mention this part as well. Cure flatulence, cure diseases in the mouth with Krachai milk, Krachai root. Use tonic similar to ginseng, but because galingale, ginger, galangal, lemongrass is a drug to reduce heat. If taken continuously for a long time every day, there will be side effects. Will cause the body to overheat and cause heat in some processes of the body. make nerve cells work unbalanced Thai traditional medicine textbooks or body of knowledge do not like to eat either for too long. Contact for too long, it will lose the balance of the body. For example, drinking 2-3 glasses of Krachai water every day is thought to be good protection, but overdosing will result in negative consequences if we take the right amount. by the wisdom of Thailand whether it’s medicine or food will never eat raw It must be cooked like this. If it is good, you should add a few herbs. Add lemon, galingale, honey. You can blend it or boil it. My personal opinion should be one glass a day. because it is not a pure extract

Try it. It’s sour and smells like a dam.
“Sour because of lemon, but Kaempferia has a hot and bitter taste, can be used to treat flatulence, indigestion, colic and distension. But mainly used to boil water and then eat it.

The teacher talks about the tri-poison Consists of one red basil root, galangal rhizome, galingale root, all boiled together?
“Yes, it’s a decoction. Can you blend it? by the principle of freshly squeezed or freshly squeezed must be considered for each herb Because some things we don’t blend fresh. In the textbooks of Thai traditional medicine, it is often used as boiled, even Krachai. Frankly speaking, have you ever seen it pounded with chili paste and dipping vegetables? No, but used to make curry After making curry paste, take it to curry. Eating cooked will be more beneficial. but eating the extracted portion It may not be about cooked or raw like a capsule. It can be difficult to tell if raw or cooked. because it has been extracted He tried to extract the substance in Kaempferia. which is a lot For example, when talking about the results of the Mahidol University experiment. like anti covid There are two large groups There are about 10 types of substances found now, some of which are anti-inflammatory. Some in vitro are also anticancer. But it’s in vitro research. animal research does not say poisoning When we eat food, we put food with flavor. We don’t wear a lot. But if we go to eat extract, be careful. It’s like we can’t take paratha pills a day for more than 10 days. because it has a negative effect on the liver like a substance in Kaempferia Bosebergine A. It has been shown to be effective against four types of cancer cells. but the liver cells It also destroys liver cells. or an experiment read in the research paper, at the news, an experiment at Mahidol He took it for a test against COVID-19. Bring the germs and remove the Krachai extract. which has two essences that he distinguishes is pinostrobin and panduratin A. It kills germs 20 times better than ginger, 20 times better than blue paniculata.”

Would you say that Kaempferia contains substances that can create landscapes?
“Not creating a landscape This substance can be used to kill germs or inhibit the virus in vitro. But in humans there has not been an experiment. If you take the right amount, it won’t overdose. If it is already a suitable food if eaten as drinking water If you drink it every day, there shouldn’t be a problem. But if you take two bottles a day every day, it’s over, I think, too much, but we don’t have any clear research. Maybe, but risky or not, you have the right to risk. But one research He said that if you eat every day, it should not be more than 7 days like Ya Dong liquor. He ate a little No one eats the whole bottle or flat. So what is research, study, experiment, experiment, it uses scientific principles, non-toxic, suitable dosage. no contaminants There is no clear research here, but it is clear in Thai wisdom. We have been using galingale for a long time in food, so boiling and drinking is like food, but if we add honey Honey is a cold medicine to reduce the heat of Kaempferia as well. Then lemon is a sour medicine. Even though it’s a hot pill, it cures it. Eating a lot of spicy food can dry out your mouth and dry your nose. Assuming that eating garlic will make your mouth feel dry. This is a side effect of reducing heat. Adding sour medicine will make it more invigorating. putting on sweets Sweet medicine makes it more invigorating. It’s balanced, just like Thai traditional medicine. It has stabilizers, aids, stabilizers, something like this.”

I will say that Thai medicine recipes in the past Did he take this raw material that has a hot effect and cut it cold?
“It’s a contraceptive. control not to over-act Therefore, Thai medicinal formulas do not have a single drug, they must be mixed together.”

Can’t eat Kaempferia alone?
“I’ve read one research that he said that he should not eat for more than 7 days in a row, like we eat food with galingale. We don’t eat every day. must be adjusted continuously Like we eat Cassia curry once in a while, eating every day has a negative effect. There are many medicinal formulas that include Krachai. For example, the beauty blood formula is a blood tonic for women. It has many details. There are many herbs. I can’t remember all the details, but I know that there is Kaempferia in it. But it’s a common home remedy. You can open it and see, but you have to make a set. The one that at this time if you want to drink only boiled Krachai water. We switch to drinking boiled water, basil root, galangal rhizome, galingale root, it will be balanced. match the formula to prevent poisoning The ancient word poison was a small thing. invisible such as bacteria, viruses, they take medicine to prevent and reduce any poisonous rams coming out.”

How long to boil?
“Boiled like we boiled boiling water. Boil normal water like a drink. Adding a little honey is a good balance. It can be controlled by itself Therefore, there is rarely a single drug in Thai recipes.”

Paniculata and Kaempferia Can we eat together?
“In principle, there are no restrictions or disadvantages to eating both of them. But how much of the benefits may be difficult to answer. Andrographis paniculata is a bitter medicine, a cold medicine, while Kaempferia is a hot medicine. Eat and balance But there is some information that is used in prisons. Let the two go together One group gave Krachai. with thunder and thieves One group gave the thieves paniculata. The group that only gave the thieves paniculata alone was better. If according to Thai traditional principles very cold and hot Come meet, it’s powerless.”

Like yin and yang?
“Yes, and according to the Thai traditional medicine scriptures, one side effect of Fah Talai Joon is that it causes the mucous membranes to dry out, which is not good. Germs are easy to get into. But if you eat it without expecting any effect on COVID-19, it may not have any negative effects. But in my opinion, paniculata paniculata, andrographolite. that have been tried That said it was used according to modern medical thinking. bring out the substance Found that this substance does not prevent the Department of Science has tested it. It does not stimulate the substance to prevent cell entry. but it prevents cell division So it can be treated.”

not eating to protect But when you are, you should eat. Because the virus cells can’t be broken because Fah Talai Thieves to stop Today, I understand that faa lai thieves and white galingale. If you can eat and chill, but if it comes to covids, don’t use both?
“When it comes to science We don’t have any definitive confirmation of this in people. or even in vitro Can you mix two of these two substances and kill the coronavirus? There isn’t one, but there’s some proof that it applies to prison inmates. Andrographis paniculata alone get better results from research.”

That he extracted into pills, how do you eat?
“It’s hard to answer, but to be safe you have to look at the label. First, the FDA registration. Of course, don’t buy online, sell directly. If we go to buy next to the box, tell the amount of substances, tell us how to eat, we will be safe. We would not be able to tell which company has much or less substance. We have to do as he ordained.”

Kaempferia white alone, eating every day is not good?
“From my experience I suggest that you should not eat for too long. like a paramedic harmless But if you eat continuously for a long time The liver can’t handle it.”

Kaempferia, he had eaten before, before there was covid. What does it protect against?
“It’s hard to tell because in the textbooks of Thai traditional medicine If Kaempferia resolves flatulence, indigestion, cures dysentery, cures bloody snot, but when taking each substance This is anti-inflammatory. He thought it might be useful. but in Thai traditional medicine spicy It will stimulate the fire element. Fire Elemental Operator It’s an immune booster. If we eat curry eat curry with curry paste eat tom yum every day we have immunity We eat fresh vegetable chili paste, chili paste, this is a good immune booster. Or fresh vegetables have a bitter astringent taste, they are similar to those that adjust our blood so that the body does not overheat. When our body is not overheated, germs, viruses, and bacteria do not like it. But if we are stressed, sleep deprived and rest less, it will cause the body to overheat. Notice that it will make it hot in it. it is susceptible to infection Therefore, we eat spicy food, chili paste, tom yum, and it stimulates the landscape. We eat vegetables to adjust the condition in our blood so that it is not too hot. It’s harder to get infected.”

Do you have black galingale? Is it necessary to be a white galingale only?
“Red galingale and yellow galingale have similar values, but Thai traditional medicine recommends using white or yellow better. Black Galingale uses another way. boosting strength”

Thai traditional medicine popularly boiled it. Filter it out and soak and drink. Or you can eat it hot. Nowadays, there is a separation machine. Can I do it?
“Okay, depending on the adjustment.”

Put it all in a blender and eat it?
“It could be something else as well. In larger quantities than we eat, it is actually not as appetizing as boiled and separated. For some things, boiling is a process of extracting important substances. We boil it to extract the medicine. boiling it eliminates By wisdom, why do we eat cooked rather than raw? Because boiling is killing some bad effects that can be poisonous. Why eat with water like ginger, warm? because eating warm Absorb a lot of useful things into the body It’s a subtlety.”

In addition to what has been said What else?
“With education at Mahidol University, one of the teachers who studied and stimulated the landscape was Triphala, which consisted of anchor, Thai anchor, and tamarind. It’s not difficult to find. You can just boil it. Separated into water to nourish the body, but the word Triphala comes from the word Triphol Three fruits that are good for the body to adjust the balance in the body according to Thai traditional medicine If the body is in balance, nothing can come in. But someone took it for a scientific study. that it can stimulate the immune system as well.”

What is black garlic?
“It’s the garlic that goes into some baking. He believes that antioxidants are produced by the baking process. If you say it’s an antioxidant It will help reduce illness. This compound has antioxidant potential, which can make us age faster, get cancer, and develop tumors. It makes us stronger and not get sick easily.”

What does five root medicine help? How do you do it?
“The medicine for meningococcal plague according to the bible Meningococcal plague analyzed for COVID-19 is a group of meningococcal plague Five Root Pills Can Be Treated It was the first to treat meningococcal plague. It is the first drug used to use a poison ram. Have you heard the word Chanthalila fever reducer? But the Five Root Pill is the poison jab, the fever is to bring out the virus.”

What is five roots?
“There are 5 types of roots, consisting of Kanta root, Chingchi root, Arrowroot root. Chumphon Fig root, Yanang root, good name is Ya Benchalokwichian. Kaew or Kaew Kaew is very good. It is a medicine that appears in Thai traditional medicine scriptures called Taksila. Cure meningococcal plague. There are 77 diseases listed. Covid-19 is compatible with many diseases in the Bible. For example, if there is a little runny nose. They call it low flu. If the fever is high, there are many symptoms, we say red, green, yellow covids go into the flu group. If there are other symptoms such as blisters on the skin down the lungs It’s another kind. Thai traditional medicine doesn’t say it’s the only virus. He looks at the symptoms. The first drug to treat is the poison ram. “

Why does the teacher say that covid is a meningococcal disease?
“In the past, we didn’t care about the virus at all. But we know that the patient is poisoned. The poison is comparable to that of a virus or bacteria. Therefore, the treatment must have a detoxification or poison ram. The cure for this is the use of five roots.”

But the villagers can’t do it themselves?
“Yes, it is for sale. The familiar ones are Yanang and Khun Tha. It’s a type of tree that has to get its roots. If doing the same thing is to take equal parts and boil it and eat it, but nowadays there are five root medicinal products. It is available in tablet or capsule form. make medicine It is wisdom that we have not experimented with in science. But it has been recorded for hundreds of years. It’s faith like the sky shatters the thieves. Originally used to cure sore throat But we didn’t take it to a scientific experiment. Once tested, it can be used as a guideline for treatment.”

“Tom yum soup is useful. It will control itself. Adjust the elements to work well, not losing balance if you don’t want to eat anything as medicine. You can eat Tom Yum.”

Killing COVID has not been tested in humans before. but tested on animals or in vitro Going to stop the virus is covid, but the general corner has never come to experiment with humans?
“Assuming we put it in a test tube, we put 10, and we find 10 germs, but when we eat it, it will absorb 10 or not, I don’t know. will be changed to what before We don’t know how much is left, so we can’t tell. It can’t be measured. This is a problem that time is spent in people. It may or may not work. Can’t tell yet.”

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