Dr. Pimkwan asks to find answers to mother’s mental health

As a rule, women during pregnancy experience many hormonal changes in their bodies. Many people may face different emotional states. and especially during the spread of COVID-19 Many new mothers have to stay at home, work from home, or are unable to go out and do activities that they enjoy as usual, which may make them less happy than before. Today we have some good advice on mental care for all mothers.

Dr. Pimkwan Boonchitpimon Executive of Vital Glow Skin & Aesthetic and Deputy Director of Nawamin 9 Hospital, Nawamin Hospital Group and Nawamin Saha Clinic Talented Executives And is playing the role of a new mother, revealing that personally, she is already health conscious. In addition to acquiring knowledge by studying seriously to use for work Whenever I have any health intelligence, I like to do more research. including the family running the hospital business In addition to self-knowledge is not enough. The print was checked for accuracy with a specialist again. For the emotional pregnancy of the mother, there will be changes in the emotional state. There is always volatility. What is the main cause? I have typed it and found the answer.

Obstetrician team Nawamin 9 Hospital said that for the mother’s mood during pregnancy, there will be a change in the emotional state of each trimester may be called There is always volatility. This is mainly due to hormonal changes in the body that increase during pregnancy and after childbirth, including estrogen. progesterone hormone Human Placenta Lactrogens Hormone Prolactin hormones and oxytocin hormones, etc., can be said that this period of the mother is a Hormonal Storm, and when giving birth, there will be various factors that can easily affect mood. Makes you feel emotionally unstable, such as sleeping is not the time to take care of your child not enough rest seeing the body change change in daily routine

concerns about parenting responsibilities, or all of these It makes the part of the brain that controls emotions work more than reason. including the environment The more the situation of the spread of COVID-19 The old way of living has changed. unable to go out for activities or concerns about bringing germs to the baby too much It may be the accumulation of stress in one form. Including such hormones also affect the metabolism of energy in the body. make it easy to get fat It’s easy to have diabetes. which all affect the mental health of the mother

When the body is stressed, there are usually 2 types of hormones secreted: 1. Cortisol hormone 2. Adrenaline makes your body show many symptoms, such as high blood pressure, faster heartbeat, headache, nausea, vomiting, feeling bored. food, etc. But when these symptoms happen to the mother, then the most worrisome thing is that it can affect the unborn child as well, such as slow growth because the mother is stressed, eating less, causing insufficient nutrients to reach the baby. Emotional development at birth is characterized by fussiness, anger, and the most dangerous impact is miscarriage. Pregnant mothers who have to stay at home for a long time, we will find that

– Behavior or lifestyle affecting the mother’s mood It is suggested that mothers should mainly do activities that they enjoy. can be done at home It is an activity inspired by our little ones, such as cooking for children. Study the nutritional value that is suitable for your child. Knitting a knitting gown for the child. make toys for children Read a book or story to your child. Play our baby lullaby. Exercise light enough to allow your body to feel more active than usual. When the love hormone is released mom will be happy Then the child will be able to feel the happiness from the mother.

– Have moms stay very positive, use rational thinking rather than emotions. Having a positive mindset can help you a lot. To see that having children during this period has advantages. because we will be able to stay at home and take care of the baby to the fullest have time to play with children Plus, other family members have time to take care of our little ones at home.

– When mothers feel depressed more often. I don’t want to breastfeed. I don’t want to hear your child’s cry, can’t sleep, feel powerless. Even doing the activities that you like and still not getting better Immediately go see a psychiatrist. if you feel stressed Focus on talking to people around you, friends and family. It is a way to help relieve stress.

It’s not easy for a woman to be a mother. If our mental state is strong We are strong enough and everything will be fine. Therefore, we must think positively because in every situation there must be both advantages and disadvantages. and if we look at the advantages over the disadvantages Having a child during this time would be good. The mother was happy and continued to breastfeed her baby. May all mothers of young children and pregnant mothers continue to fight. Try to stay positive in what we are. print to encourage Dr. Pimkwan gave a summary.

For mothers who are pregnant during this period and are feeling stressed. May need to find time to review our strengths or strengths. Occupation we are doing Our ability to focus on the good rather than the depressing. Doing good activities at home and adjusting your thoughts can help your mother’s mental state to be happier. I believe that around us there are people who understand. Always ready to give positive energy to all mothers. Mothers who want to find out more or have an interest in mother and child You can follow the information or leave a question on the Facebook Fanpage: Dr.Pimkhwan Mae Phim, new mother YouTube Channel: dr.PIMKHWAN and Instagram: dr.pimkhwan and dr.pimkhwan.official


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