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Dr. Theerawat reveals that Omicron can stay in the air longer than Delta. escape the vaccine

on December 11 Dr. Thirawat Hemajutha, director of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University posted on Facebook that

“From YouTube Dr John Campbell
Talk about honest information about Omicron.
spread faster
And the floating in the air for sure longer than Delta. It’s good to be in the open.
(Is it related to the presence of corona? local residents that are like a cold have merged with them)
escape the vaccine
This is the reason why the number of infections multiplies more rapidly than Delta and
Within a week it will go side by side or squeeze the Delta.

The unanswered question is what will happen if Delta and Omicron are infected with the same person? Or with other viruses?
The infection spreads quickly. Although the data has been available in the last month or so, there are few hospitalized patients who need oxygen or have severe symptoms. But if the number of infected people is 100,000 or million, the proportion of hospitalization will increase as a shadow.

Vaccination, although it does not seem to be effective in preventing Omicron infection, is added to the natural infection with omicron and the “hopefully” vaccine will be able to bypass groups. of covids that will occur or are currently occurring
however The speaker concludes that preparation for the worst is required.
from youtube
Dr.John Campbell

So coming back to Thailand, maybe speaking for the 100th time.
If vaccinations and vaccines are not very good with Omicron but good with Delta. And must keep the immune system high until the need for repeated stimulation injections and each injection will have side effects in unfortunate people. Why not inject it into the skin?
And if the vaccine is not very effective with treatment, there is no additional infection, not hospitalization. It is of utmost necessity and urgency. Andrographis paniculata, white galingale, ivermectin, fluoxetine, unbelievably cheap compared to prescription drugs.”

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