Dragon Among Us 8 Release Date Announced: An Exciting Turn-Based Gameplay Experience in Hawaii

2023-09-21 10:30:15
The release date of Dragon Among Us 8 is announced|The turn-based gameplay of Kasuga Kiryu’s dual protagonists is based on Hawaii|Counting your fingers, the last episode of the extremely popular action RPG game “Dragon Among Us” series in Hong Kong is the main sequel game ” “Dragon Among Humans 7” was released more than 3 years ago. I believe that players are looking forward to playing the next episode as soon as possible. SEGA has also responded to players’ expectations and officially released the latest game in the series “Dragon Among Humans”. The release date of “Dragon 8”. The direct follow-up story of “Dragon Among Us 7” will be released in early 2024. SEGA Dragon Among Us Studio held the official live broadcast program “RGG SUMMIT FALL 2023” on September 20, the day before the opening of TGS Tokyo Game Show, officially announcing “Dragon Among Us” The latest information and release date of the latest game in the series “Dragon Among Us 8”, and a 10-minute game story trailer video was also released. According to the official introduction, the story of “Dragon Among Us 8” will directly follow the ending of “Dragon Among Us 7”; at the same time, it will adopt a dual-protagonist system after “Dragon Among Us 0”. Players will be able to play through “Kasuga Ichi” Experience the plot unfolding in Hawaii and Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama, Japan, from the perspective of the two protagonists “Kazuma Kiryu” and “Kizuma Kiryu”. 👉GTA 6 Breaking News|Foreign media revealed that the game mechanism of GTA 6 can enter the interior of the building. The protagonist has new tools. Kasuga Mata is richer than others. Kazuma Kiryu has cancer and gray hair. The official announcement of the story trailer of “Dragon Among Us 8” There are two major plot points in the film. The first is that Kasuga Ichiban’s mother “Akane”, who was originally thought to be dead, is found to have been in Hawaii. The Arakawa group’s Sawaki Joo entrusts Kasuga Ichiban to go to Hawaii to find her whereabouts. Unexpectedly, Kasuga was plotted by someone locally, and all his belongings were deceived and left naked on the beach in Hawaii. It happened that he met Kazuma Kiryu again at this time, and the two also cooperated. The second breaking point is Kazuma Kiryu, who appears with white hair and looks a bit old. Unfortunately, he suffers from cancer and his physical abilities are greatly reduced. Therefore, he needs the help of Kasuga Ichiban and his friends to achieve his goal. It turns out that it was no coincidence that Kasuga was looking for a relative and Kazuma Kiryu came to Hawaii. It was also discovered that gangsters in both Japan and Hawaii were looking for Kasuga’s biological mother, which involved a century-old conspiracy involving gangs and even religious groups in both places; Let’s see how the old mafia hero Kiryu Kazuma and Yokohama hero Kasuga Ichiban resolve this crisis. 👉PS5 Slim is really not far away? | It is rumored on the Internet that its ultra-thin body fan appears and you can buy the system. In terms of gameplay, “Dragon Among Us 8” and “Dragon Among Us 7” adopt a command-based RPG; new professions and more cultivation elements will be added. , allowing players to build the strongest team. What’s special is that after certain conditions are met in the game, it will switch to the familiar Kazuma Kiryu action combat gameplay. In addition, although the setting of this episode is relatively heavy, the traditional mini-games in the series and the exaggerated and hilarious performances inherited from 7 should not make the game feel too depressing during actual play. As seen in the official video, this episode of “Dragon Among Us 8” is almost a large collection of characters from all over the world, with the main role of King Gnu and Ri Iguchi being played by Cass, and it has the “Endgame” flavor of “cooling” and ushering in a conclusion for the series; Therefore, the cast of this episode is also very strong. What is quite surprising is that Ri Iguchi, the lead singer of the popular Japanese band “King Gnu”, joins the battle and will have a lot of scenes opposite Kasuga Ichiban. In addition, it was also mentioned in the interview that in addition to Japanese dubbing, this episode will also have Chinese dubbing. 👉Whether Fu Xuan is strong or not, is it worth the choice of the Cone Relic Artifact|Honkai Dome Railway 1.3 Character Guide By the way, I would like to mention that the hotel lady for the new game of “Dragon Among Us 8″ was selected around the world, a popular YouTuber who is famous for liking Kazuma Kiryu ” Kson” (Kiryu Coco) also participated, and was selected as the champion with a high vote; Kson also revealed before that he would also appear in “Dragon Among Us 8”, but he has not been seen in the official video yet. 👉Lies of P Strategy|Pinocchio’s Lies Game Review System Commentary + Strongest Weapon Recommendation “Dragon Among Us 8” will be officially released on January 26, 2024, on the platforms of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Steam. “Dragon Among Us 7 Gaiden Heroes Unknown” will be officially released on November 9, 2023. The Dragon Among Us 8 story trailer video: The Dragon Among Us 8 game trailer video:
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