Dragon Quest X Online – An offline version for Dragon Quest X

Scheduled for next year in Japan, an offline version of Dragon Quest X should allow players to indulge in the old Square Enix MMORPG, simply titled Dragon Quest X: Offline.

Released in 2012 for the Wii console, the” title=”


Acronym of the English expression “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games”, meaning “massively multiplayer online role-playing games”. MMORPGs follow the same principles as MMOGs (see this term), including a notion of “role playing”. In an MMORPG, the player is expected to play a character with a personality and take on the role of the character in the virtual world. See also: MMOG, MMOFPS, UMMORPG

“>MMORPG light Dragon Quest X has endured on several platforms – including the Nintendo 3DS – and extensions. It is one of those titles hoped for in vain in the West, but Phantasy Star Online 2 has proven that you are never immune to a turnaround. And if the announcement of Square Enix of a version” title=”


English term meaning “offline”, ie disconnected from the Internet. An “offline game” means a single player game, most often accessible to a single player. Opposes the term “Online”.

“>offline for Dragon Quest X could induce that a” title=”


The localization of a game refers to its adaptation to a specific market. The French localization of an MMOG consists not only in translating it into the French language but also in adapting it to the French public. For example, in American games, the characters are sometimes endowed with a voice marked with strong accents (Texan accent, Cajun, etc.). When recording French voices as part of localization, these accents can be adapted or removed (Arabic or Asian accents frequently used in American games generally disappear during French localization).

“> location would be easier, there is still no question of that.

Dragon Quest X: Offline is aimed at players who have not taken the step of MMORPGs, in a revised version with in particular a more compact world so as not to leave too much space for solitude. The irony would be to be able to discover this MMORPG in its version” title=”


Acronym of the English expression “Role Playing Game”, meaning “Role playing”. See also: MMORPG, Tactic-RPG

“>RPG, even if I repeat that an exit outside the country of the Rising Sun is not planned for the moment.


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