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Seya Co., Ltd. announced that the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and PC (Steam) dedicated game software “One of the People” is expected to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday). Long Weixin! “Extreme”, released the introduction of the team’s ability and formation system that greatly affect the battle. The completely reworked work has been further transformed, and the team members’ abilities can be used in the battle of the main story.

■Squad member ability
After Ryoma joins the Shinsengumi, the team members of the Shinsengumi who become partners can participate in the battle in the form of cards, and can use the “soldier abilities” possessed by each team member to bring powerful and powerful effects to the battle.
power assistance.
Each team member can use a variety of abilities, some can give buffs and increase the strength of Ryoma, some can restore physical strength, and some team members can even launch powerful skills.
There are quite a wide range of team members, from nostalgic characters to popular characters from the latest work “Dragon Among Men 7”, and even animals such as bears. You might as well bring all kinds of team members under your command to become

・Group (Squad)
To use the ability of the team members, you must form a “team” composed of the team leader and the team members, and you can arrange up to 4 team members. Compiled “groups” can be linked with Ryoma’s fighting style. The selection of the corporal leader and the combination of the lineup will greatly affect the way of fighting.

■Squad members with various powerful abilities
The ability of the team members varies greatly. There are attackers who can improve Ryoma’s attack power and are good at direct attacks, defenders with high stamina who can improve Ryoma’s defense, medical soldiers who are good at recovery, support players who are good at assisting other players, and Support team members, etc., are divided into various systems according to the abilities that the team members are good at.

Incorporating powerful warriors as partners can activate super gorgeous powerful skills, grant effective buffs, or restore physical strength. The combination of team members will greatly affect the auxiliary effect in battle, and cooperate with the linkage of fighting style to create the most suitable “team”!

・Introduction to the skills of some soldiers
<Ishioda Den 2 “Extreme Dimensional Sword”>
A big move that deals damage to enemies in a wide range. Compress the fighting spirit into the shape of a blade, and while spinning, cut the surrounding enemies in two.

<Ryudo Riya “Extreme Burst Charge”>
A big move that detonates the grudge centered on Ryoma, then burns and blows up the surrounding enemies. This big move can create a huge opening for the enemy, and it is quite effective when surrounded by enemies.

<Toranosuke “Extreme Tiger King”>
The tiger jumps at the enemy, bites the enemy with its sharp teeth to cause damage, and then throws the enemy far away.

■The combination of team members’ abilities will determine the situation of the battle!
As long as you spend some ingenuity on the collocation and use order of the team’s abilities, you can effectively use powerful attacks, or greatly speed up the launch speed of the team’s abilities. It is also possible to use other abilities to make up for a strong but weak team member’s ability, making it an even stronger ability.

・Squad member ability combination with combo effect
After using Shozo Yonajo’s squadron ability “Goku・Dark Suction” to gather the surrounding enemies together, and then using Tendo Yojiro’s squadron ability “Goku・True Wave” with the penetrating characteristic, you can easily deal with Swarms of enemies deal massive damage.

・Squad member ability combinations that effectively use buff effects
Kasuga Ichinojo’s team member ability “Brave Essence” has a powerful effect of turning all attacks into critical strikes. The weakness is that the duration of the effect is short, and it is difficult to use it if the attack misses. Tatsunosuke Pinada’s team member ability “Sky Cicada Clock” has the effect of slowing down the flow of time. When you feel that the attack can hit the enemy, activate Pinada’s ability first, and the enemy’s action will become slow, and the attack will be easier to hit. At this time Then Haruhi’s team player ability can be fully utilized.

【 Product information 】
Product Name: Dragon Restoration Among Men!pole
gaming platform :
PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One /Windows / Steam
※Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows and Steam platforms only sell digital regular edition and digital deluxe edition.
Release Date: Scheduled to be released on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
price :
Regular Edition: 1,590 TWD in Taiwan / 408 HKD in Hong Kong
Digital Deluxe Edition: Taiwan 1,890 TWD/Hong Kong 488 HKD
Game Category: Action Adventure
Number of players: 1 person
Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.
Game language Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・English subtitles / Japanese voice
Game Rating: Restricted
Copyright mark: ©SEGA
Official site: https://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/Ishin_kiwami/cht/
※The images are all screens of the PlayStation®5 version under development.
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