“Dragon Star Varnir” Switch Chinese version reveals 8 game system introductions leading to good and bad endings “Dragon Star Varnir”

Publisher Game Source Entertainment (GSE) recently announced that the popular work “Compile Heart” produced by Japanese game company Idea Factory’s game brand “Compile Heart”Varnier of the Dragon Star(-Dragon Star Varnir-)” will launch the Nintendo Switch platform version on August 5, and will be released in Asia and South Korea. This time, we will introduce the eight systems in the game, from combat to daily conversations, which will affect the “frenzy” and lead the player to a good or bad ending.

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Combat system 2 major features: floating combat and predator skills

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  《Varnier of the Dragon Star“The combat system has two major features, one is the floating combat mode, and the other is to train predation skills for hunting dragons. In the floating combat mode, the entire game scene is divided into 3 layers: upper, middle, and lower. Players start from the middle layer and can freely shuttle between the 3 layers.

Predator skills are related to “horror”. The more terror you save through knowing attacks and weakness attacks, the easier it is to swallow the dragon. When the enemy’s terror level reaches 100%, if 3 of your own parties use a chain attack and then use the predation skills, they will surely succeed in predation.

Physical skills and magic skills

The combat system is divided into “physical skills” and “magic skills”. The former can use weapons to slash, strike, penetrate or shoot depending on the role. Although it only works on the enemy on the same floor, it will produce a knowing effect when attacking weak points, thereby destroying the enemy’s order of action. . The latter includes six different attributes: land, water, fire, wind, light, and darkness, which can be applied to other enemies at the same time, but it does not have the knowing effect.

Support members and formation effects

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Although the combat team can only be composed of 3 people, each combat member can be added with additional “support members” to assist in blocking, launch counterattacks, and pursue the enemy.

In addition, members can be deployed according to the relationship between the number of people and the number of floors they are in, and the “formation effect” can be activated. For example, the formation of “Delta Force” has two players in the middle and one in the lower. The “formation effect” is that the offensive and defensive power of the two middle-level members are increased by 3%, and the magical offensive and defensive power of the lower members is increased by 3% at the same time.

Long Lin Awakening

When attacking, the character will save the “Dragon Proceeding”, and when it is full, the “Dragon Prompting Awakening” can be activated to awaken the dragon’s power in the character’s body and greatly enhance various abilities.

However, if Dragon Proximity Awakens is activated when the HP is too low, it will become a “Raging Dragon Proximity” state. At this time, the attack power and evasion power will be greatly improved, but the defense power will be greatly reduced, which is very desperate.

Battle of the Giant Dragon

The dragon will appear across 3 levels. Although it may not be possible to knock down at once, it is possible to attack and destroy the part of the dragon that appears on a certain layer. When the health value of the dragon’s part is 0, while sealing this part and its attack, the dragon can also temporarily lose consciousness, and it can wait for the opportunity to attack the main body at this time.

The key to factor liberation skills growth

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When you prey on a dragon, you will get the dragon’s “factor core”. It has “skills” and “parameter bonus”. Use the points obtained in battle to liberate it and obtain new abilities.

exist”Varnier of the Dragon StarIn the skill tree in “, only the skill points adjacent to the learned factor skills can be illuminated. Therefore, please first determine your preferences or needs, and choose the skills that light up first.

In addition, all dragons have their own skill tree, so after discovering a new breed of dragon, hurry up and devour it to acquire new skills.

Skills are divided into 4 categories: physics, monsters, predation and passive skills. Each character can be equipped with up to 5 skills. It should be noted that each skill has assembly costs. The stronger the skill, the higher the cost.

Feed my sister to prevent the dragon from breaking out

Previously in “Varnier of the Dragon StarAs mentioned in the story and worldview article, the witch will break out of her body when she is about 17 years old. However, if the witch does not drink the dragon’s blood, she will fall into madness in advance. Therefore, the three witch sisters have been waiting at home for the protagonist to bring them back to the dragon’s part to feed them.

The fullness of the witch sister depends on the amount of dragon meat and dragon blood fed. Once the “dragon growth meter” bursts due to overfeeding, the young dragons in their bodies will hatch very quickly and burst out of their stomachs.

Later in the labyrinth, you will encounter a dragon with the same name as your sister. Although you can also prey and acquire its skills, it is difficult to decide whether you really want to start.

An indicator of Frenzy Libra leading to different endings

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In the game, the “Frenzy Libra” at the top right of the team menu displays the frenzy of the entire team.

The factor that affects the degree of frenzy is the choice of the divergence point of the plot. Once the frenzy reaches a certain level, a “frenzy event” will be triggered in the plot of the chapter, and finally a desperate “frenzy route” will be ushered in.

This particular system makes “Varnier of the Dragon Star》There are different endings. Therefore, it can be said that which ending the player is guided to depends largely on the degree of frenzy. Please be careful to choose the divergence option of the event.

Explore the venue to find more props and magic

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  《Varnier of the Dragon StarIn addition to the mobs and boss-level enemies, the maze site in “also has treasure chests, collection points, and mechanisms for obtaining props. They can be destroyed, and some of them can be rewarded with props.

Through “characteristic magic”, obstacles can be destroyed. The characteristic magic of the 5 main characters is as follows:

  • Sai Fei: “Boundary Destruction” → Destroy the magic barrier that blocks the way forward

  • Minesha: “The Witch’s Escape Door” → Directly escape from the maze and return to the witch’s colony

  • Calli Gallo: “Wild Intuition” → A hidden treasure chest found within a certain period of time

  • La Bonite: “Bridge of Light” → Set up a magical floor where you can’t see through

  • Xia Luluota: “Seal Extinction” → Eliminate the seal vines on the crystal and obtain the items in it

The secret medicine chain summons special dragons and only obtains unique rare equipment

“Witch’s Workshop” is “Varnier of the Dragon StarAnother important venue in “. The dragon parts obtained from the battle can be chained into the secret medicine for summoning special dragons here. Defeat these special dragon queens to obtain rare equipment that is not normally available.

The secret medicine needs to be catalyzed by a “catalyst”. Due to the nature of the catalyst, the types and rarity of the equipment that can be obtained after the battle will vary, and accidents may occur during the chain formation…

The secret medicine can be used in the workshop at any time. Even if you fail to challenge a special dragon, the secret medicine will not be consumed, so you can rest assured to challenge until you win.

Tanqiutang accepted the commission to obtain the book of formation

exist”Varnier of the Dragon StarIn the “Exploration Hall” of “, you can accept different tasks and get various rewards. Including the important item “Book of Formation” that can change the battle formation. There are various types of the book of formation, so it is more conducive to the future battles to actively accept the entrustment of Tanqiutang to obtain different books of formation.

Give gifts to the witch to trigger a special event

The gifts obtained through the maze exploration and the item house can be given to the witches in the “Witch’s Room”. According to their likes and dislikes for specific items, their favorability will also change after the gift is given. If the favorability reaches a certain level, a special event will be triggered. Although most events have little influence on the main story, this is a good opportunity to collect the CG of the event.


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