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The last vote of confidence in Prime Minister Mario is expected in the Italian lower house on Thursday, 18 February. Drags for the new technocratic government. Its main tasks will be to combat the consequences of Covid-19 and to make meaningful use of European Recovery Fund funding to bring the country’s economy out of recession, including through many painful and unpopular reforms. Dragi is called a guarantor of stability, but his position as prime minister does not promise to be very long either.


  • The last vote of confidence in the Dragi government will take place in the Italian Parliament.
  • The Italian economy is in a very sad state, in a deep recession.
  • In this situation, former European Central Bank Governor Dragi has been seen as a savior.
  • Dragi’s new technocratic government is supported by all but one of the major political forces.
  • Political scientist: Dragi achievement – support of the populist movement and the far right.
  • Political scientist: Dragi will not be Italy’s problem solver in the long run.
  • Policy Commentator: Dragi has no particular desire to sit down for this position.
  • The coalition has already marked the first disagreements over the closure of ski resorts.

The invitation of Mario Dragi, the former President of the European Central Bank (ECB), known as “Super Mario”, to become the next head of the Italian government proved to be a surprise to many, but a logical and thoughtful step for President Sergio Matarella.

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The Italian economy is in a very sad state, in a deep recession, and the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation. It is in this situation that Dragi is seen as a savior by his reputation.

Also in his first address to the Senate, Dragi pointed out that all parties have a responsibility and an opportunity to start building the state again.

And there are really a lot of parties, because Mario Dragi’s new technocratic government is supported by all but one of the major political forces.

According to Lorenzo Castellani, Professor of Political Science at Louis Guido Carli University, Dragi has made two very important achievements.

“First of all, Dragi has managed to gain the support of the Five Star Movement. It is the right-wing populist party, which is now more like the central Green Party. It is very likely that there will be a split in the party under the leadership of Alessandro de Batista. However, support for Dragi is also very stable in the party. The second huge achievement is the support of the far right party “Līga”. Its leader, Mateo Salvini, has moved away from the policies of far-right forces such as Marines le Pen and the Alternative to Germany, also by moving to the center.

Mario Dragi thus stabilizes the system, increasing the likelihood of new reforms and ensuring that the funding provided by the Economic Recovery Fund in Brussels is put to good use, ”said Lorenzo Castellani.

And it is a matter of spending more than EUR 200 billion meaningfully, which is why the distribution of money is entrusted to highly qualified technocrats, not politicians. Receiving this funding is also expected to require unpopular reforms.

That is why Lorenzo Castellani is convinced that Mario Dragi will not be Italy’s problem-solver in the long run, and that there are no next elections.

“After years of extraordinary events, the 2023 parliamentary elections will be much closer, but the parties will start to look more and more actively at their interests. And in this situation, it will be increasingly challenging to overcome the vetoes of these parties. Therefore, Dragi is likely to be effective for a few months, but it is difficult to see him as a permanent solution to Italian policy, ”says Castellani.

Statistics show that the last technocratic governments in Italy have been in operation for about a year and four months.

Political commentator Alberto Kastelveki is convinced that Mario Dragi himself does not have a special desire to sit in this position, but both his supporters and political observers Dragi have already planned another position.

“In my opinion, Mr Dragi’s aim is not to work beyond this deadline, as that will be enough to restore Italy’s progress towards prosperity. Provided that you can make the right investments and run the right processes. Let us remember that in less than two years’ time, we will also have the Italian presidential election, in which Mario Dragi certainly looks like the most reliable candidate. For many observers and many Dragi supporters, the ideal scenario would be for him to serve as prime minister for a few years, after which he would be elected guardian of the Italian constitutional process. Namely, the new President of the Italian Republic. This would give him another seven years in power and enable him to oversee politics from a much higher position, ”said Alberto Kastelveki.

Kastelveki pointed out that Mario Dragi’s reputation in Europe is well known, but now he has to deal with awkward local Italian politicians, who often like to conjure up a drama and wait for someone to solve it.

Also at the beginning of this week, the coalition has already marked the first disagreements after the government decided to extend the closure of ski resorts only a few hours before their planned opening.


Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resignedbecause his government had previously left Viva Italia, leaving the coalition without a majority in parliament. It was assumed that Italian President Sergio Matarella will invite former ECB President Dragi to undertake the formation of a new government.

The southern European country is experiencing political chaos at a time when it has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting severe economic downturn. As head of the ECB, Dragi was praised for his great contribution to overcoming the deep financial crisis in the eurozone almost a decade ago.

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