Drama in Louga: Lightning kills 4 children including 2 twins

Drama in Louga. Lightning killed four (4) children in the town of Dieylani, located in the town of Gueth Ardo. Eight (8) wounded were also recorded, including four (4) serious, all evacuated to Ahmadou Sakhir Mbaye hospital and to the Kaffrine health district.

“This Friday, lightning struck the village of Dieylani. She instantly killed 4 children, including two twins, and two other children aged 7 and 12. 8 wounded, including 4 serious, were evacuated to Ahmadou Sakhir Mbaye hospital in Louga and to the health district of Coki ”, deplored Talibouya Kâ, the mayor of Gueth Ardo, on Rfm.

“These are natural disasters that happen often. But we call on the authorities to assist this village. This case also raises the issue of installing lightning rods in the town of Gueth Ardo. It was a state program. We had expressed our needs and until now, we are waiting ”, he added.

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