Drama of a cyclist hit by a taxi driver in Bogotá

After eight days after the accident occurred, the man assured in Snail News that this event generated an unfortunate family tragedy, since his wife lost the baby they were expecting.

“She was in the Suba hospital and, as a result of the news, she lost my son. He was 18 weeks and 6 days old. The anguish, knowing that she was there and that I was practically on the verge of death, caused me to lose my son, “he said.

Rendon, who is of Venezuelan origin, stated in the newscast that he suffered several injuries to his entire body, mainly to the head, neck and back. He also indicated that so far no one has responded to what happened.

“I tried to talk to the owner of the taxi and he told me that the insurance responded. However, several days have passed and I have had no response from anyone. The driver has not even contacted me, “he said.

He cyclistFinally, he pointed out on television that after the accident he also lost his job. “The only thing I hope now is to recover as soon as possible and get ahead”, he concluded.

Despite the fact that the taxi driver (who would be 22 years old) turned himself in to the corresponding judicial authorities, the Attorney General’s Office released him because he was not found in flagrante delicto.


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