Dramatic story: Ukrainian gave his daughter to a journalist to save her from the war

The Argentine journalist Sol Macalusowho is working for Spanish television as a special envoy to Ukrainehad to do one of the most difficult dispatches of his career.

“We are approaching the border, which indicates that the family of my cameraman and my guide cross and they stay here,” lamented the reporter, who said through tears that one of the Ukrainians who accompanied her asked her to take her 17-year-old daughter, so that save her from the war.

Macaluso explained that “nobody is prepared (for this). I have known these people for more than a month, we have shared information every day and, sorry… It is very hard that they have to stay to defend their countryleave your family.”

“Somebody come and tell you: ‘Please, take my daughter and take care of her, that she lacks nothing‘. You’ll say? There are no words…” she recounted.

When asked what she would do with the young woman and if she would take her with her, the professional was direct: “Of course, she is my family now, she is my sister“.

Interviewed by Telecincothe Argentine detailed how difficult these days have been, moving from Ukraine to the border and with her family worried about her thousands of kilometers away: “Every minute I have free I make video calls to both them (her parents) and my sister in the chat group that we have, so they can see that I’m fine because saying it is not the same as being seen”.

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