“Draw me an expat”: from blog to book

Clémentine Latron, who runs a blog designed for Expat Mail for more than four years now comes out a book with some of his pearls. Here is a small glimpse of his work.

For more than four years, Clémentine Latron has been sketching the life of French expatriates from Amsterdam where she lives. Through his drawings, we have searched with her for the port of Amsterdam, we suffered and laughed with her during his sometimes very thankless learning of Dutch

Clémentine Latron / Courrier Expat

Thanks to her, we now know (or let’s say better) pronounce “Speculoos” and “Gouda”. And wherever we live we understand that he is almost essential to learn the local language.

Clémentine Latron teaches us, among other things:

If she makes us discover the specificities of her host country, she also brings us to meet a very specific category of people found in almost all countries of the world: expats. We recognize them easily… Besides, maybe you yourself are an expat. To be sure, to know if you tick the boxes (or not), Clémentine Latron has concocted some tests:

  Clémentine Latron / Courrier Expat
Clémentine Latron / Courrier Expat

However, French people abroad retain many specificities …

Nothing escapes Clémentine Latron’s pencils … so much so that her blog is now a book, Expats, published on September 17, 2020 by editions F1rst, in the collection F1rst Humor. To order it is here. And don’t forget to find her on his blog for new designs every Friday!


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