Dreame T20: a new stick vacuum cleaner with display and automatic mode

If the arrival of the Dreame V11 had already caused a stir in the small world of the stick vacuum cleaner, the Dreame T20 could well be the swan song of the Chinese manufacturer, to make improvements on this new model.

The Dreame T20 stick vacuum cleaner, a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi, was released just a few months after the Dream V11 (which collected 4 stars at the end of its test).

If this T20 does not mark a major break with the V11 of the same manufacturer, it should nevertheless be noted some small differences. Among them, it is important to note that this new vacuum cleaner now benefits from a removable and therefore replaceable battery, exactly as on the Dyson V11 Extra. One way to gain autonomy since the user can use a new battery when the second is charging.

Another improvement on the T20, it should benefit from a lower sound level than its predecessor … Indeed, noise is one of the big weak points of the V11 which emits between 70 dB (A) and 80 dB (A) in according to the powers used. The T20 should therefore remedy this pitfall thanks to a system benefiting from 8 levels of noise reduction. The manufacturer does not specify what sound level is measured on this new model, but we will be sure to check this aspect when this device is in our laboratory.

Finally, the Dreame T20 gains an automatic mode (again as on the Dyson V11), allowing the vacuum cleaner to adapt its power according to the soil sucked. A very practical function which avoids the user having to systematically modify the level at each change of soil. The T20 of course retains the three powers of the V11: Eco, Medium and Turbo.

These modes are modified by the screen located at the level of the handle that was already found on the Dreame V11, and the display of the Dreame T20 offers color information on the level of autonomy available, the power of suction, or on a possible filter maintenance reminder.

The Dreame T20 stick vacuum cleaner is, for the moment, marketed on AIi Express at a price of € 399, or € 100 more than the previous version. To see if the automatic mode and level reduction are worth spending an additional € 100.

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