Dreamer and passionate: who was Johana Colla, the 30-year-old Argentine bodybuilder who died in Brazil

The news shocked the world of Argentine bodybuilding, Johana Colla, 30, died in São Paulo, Brazil, although the causes are still unknown of death. One day before, participated in a competition and was consecrated as runner-up. The event was known by a statement from the niece of the young woman, who published through social networks.

Johana Colla was 30 years old and a professional bodybuilder. From the Buenos Aires town of Lomas de zamorawhere he was born, traveled to the Brazilian city with the Argentine delegation to participate in the South American Bodybuilding and Fitness Championshipin the category Woman’s Phsique. This Friday, she was consecrated runner-up after achieving second place in the competition.

Johana became South American runner-up in her category.Instagram

The young woman was excited in the previous moments. “Dreams that cross borders. We are going to São Paulo, Brazil, to compete. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill a dream”, expressed through a video on Instagram. After her triumph, Colla celebrated on her social networks, where she defined herself as a “personal trainer” and “athlete woman pshique”, the fact of achieving one of his goals.

An Argentine bodybuilder died in Brazil

But, the next day, the athlete was found dead. The circumstances are still being investigated by the authorities.. This was revealed by his niece, Daniela Yael Colla, through Facebook. “I wasn’t going to post anything yet, but unfortunately Today we woke up to this sad news that Rulito’s Joha Sole passed away. Please, please, do not ask what happened to him, because Until the autopsy is done, we won’t know for sure.. She went to Brazil to compete and for the long weekend, not much can be done,” the young woman wrote.

The athlete's niece shared the news through social networks.
The athlete’s niece shared the news through social networks.Facebook: Daniela Yael Colla

Later, in a publication she made on Instagram, which she accompanied with all of Johana, Daniela described her aunt: “A woman who she was admired from her job to the great mother she was, always alone fighting for her dreams. We are going to miss you Negra, you gave everything until the last moment.”

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Colla was the mother of two girls. In addition to his training, progressive physical changes and competition trips; the woman dedicated her social networks to share moments with them: “Outing for a walk and a movie with my loves. Who said a family of three isn’t perfect?”. Also, in May, she revealed that she became a great-aunt: “How old I am, che!” she wrote.

Family, hardworking and with a passion for bodybuilding. His trainer Gabriel Married, shared the athlete’s triumph two days ago through her Instagram profile. “South American runner-up 2022! How happy and how proud it makes me that an athlete prepared by me reaches this level in these conditions. This is a great dream come true, both for me and for my friend Johana. Happy is little! ”, She expressed.

Her coach celebrated the athlete's triumph.
Her coach celebrated the athlete’s triumph.Instagram: Gabrielcasado

Still in shock, one of her friends called Carina Galleano pointed to THE NATION what They are waiting for the autopsy to determine what happened.. “The best gift you left us is your being, your light, sharing the same passion. You filled the hearts of all of us who love you with joy. Thank you for giving me so many wonderful moments, talks, etc. Because you trusted yourself. God wanted an angel to be by his side, a little star with its own light that will guide our path. You will always be in my heart, beautiful friend. RIP. Thank you”. And she added: “We helped her so that she could fulfill her dream of obtaining a medal”.

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His family asks for help

Although it remains to wait for the results of the autopsy and the action of the Justice before knowing when Johana’s body will be repatriated, in her post, her niece asked her followers for financial help. The young woman wrote on her Facebook account: “I ask more than anything for her two daughters and my grandmother. We need your help to be able to say goodbye properly to my aunt Johana Colla. Whoever knows her and wants to help here I leave the CBU of my cousin Dylan Alan Ezequiel Fernández Colla:

CVU: 0000003100005988963527

Alias: Dylancolla.MD

COOK/CUIL: 20444852683

Payment Market

Or this one from my grandmother:

Maria Cristina Barros

CVU: 0000003100060075782591

Aliases: Maria-Cristina-3344

COOK/CUIL: 27121172971

Payment Market”.


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