Dress with a gallows.. Pictures of an Iranian model stir controversy at the Cannes Festival

2023-05-30 03:31:36

An Iranian-born model wore a dress that featured what looked like a noose, to highlight the growing number of executions in Iran.

And in the seventy-sixth edition of the “Cannes” Film Festival, the American-Iranian model, Mahlagha Jaberi, appeared on the red carpet in a black dress that exposed the chest and tied it to the neck as a noose.

Jabri sparked a lot of controversy on social media, especially since political comments are not allowed at the Cannes Film Festival.

On her official Instagram page, she wrote: “We wanted to… draw the media’s attention to the illegal executions of the Iranian people.”

She added, “Unfortunately, political statements are not allowed at the Film Festival, and security also prevented me from showing the dress from behind, but the meaning of the gallows was well understood.”

Iran is the second most executed country in the world after China, according to non-governmental organizations concerned with defending human rights, including Amnesty International.

Iran is currently witnessing an increase in executions, which rights groups say aim to intimidate people, following the wave of protests that erupted in September 2022 following the death of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, after she was arrested by the morality police in Tehran on the grounds of not adhering to strict dress codes.

Iranian model Jabri during her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival

Seven men have so far been executed in connection with the protests, while Amnesty International warned last week that seven others are at risk of execution in connection with the protests as well.

“What we are witnessing in Iran are not executions, but mass extrajudicial killings to create societal fear in order to maintain power,” says Mahmoud Amiri Moghaddam, director of the Norway-based Human Rights Organization in Iran.

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