DRF Luftrettung relocates another helicopter to Saxony

EIt’s always good to have a helicopter on hand. The DRF Luftrettung is now relocating one to Bautzen to help in the fight against the corona virus that is rampant in Saxony. With the nickname Christoph 114, a type H 135 helicopter is used for emergencies. He thus relieves the already stationed helicopter with the nickname Christoph 62. The latter is a more spacious Airbus H145 helicopter and is to be used from now on primarily for the transfer of Covid-19 patients.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

The H145 is a real all-rounder. It is up to 260km / h and can fly about 700 kilometers. Another great advantage is that the emergency doctor has a relatively large amount of space in the cabin and that he can easily access all parts of the patient’s body. That was not always so. The first helicopters used in the earlier rescue operation before the turn of the millennium, such as the Bo 105, were so narrow inside that the doctor could not reach the patient’s legs. (see also “Exercise makes the mountain rescuer)

Because of the tense situation as a result of the continued high number of infections in Saxony, the non-profit air rescue organization has been commissioned by the Free State of Saxony to put an additional helicopter into service, according to the DRF. For the team, of course, this means service over the holidays, which is why “we would like to express a big thank you to all colleagues who agreed to take over this service on the upcoming Christmas holidays at such short notice”, says Krystian Pracz, Chairman of the Board of DRF Luftrettung .

The helicopter provided is part of the existing fleet of DRF Luftrettung. Christoph 114 will be ready for use from sunrise (7 a.m. at the earliest) to sunset. Pilots and paramedics are recruited from the DRF Luftrettung workforce. The emergency doctors are largely provided in cooperation with the University of Dresden and the Dresden Friedrichstadt Municipal Clinic.


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