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It’s an old memory like our first omelet with chanterelles: we put a stool on the kitchen table to reach a monumental buffet where, behind its ledge, a slew of trumpets hung out in a crate, drying out in a crate that would make the happiness of a saddle of rabbit in white wine.

The dehydration “Is the easiest, safest, most economical and most nutritionally interesting method” to preserve mushrooms, writes Linda Louis, nature’s talented culinary author in the Four Seasons of the Mushroom (1). Pick up this “bible”, you will learn there that you do not have to invest in a dehydrator to dry the porcini mushrooms and that it works well when they are placed near a fireplace, a radiator or a stove. a boiler. Linda Louis recommends this technique for porcini mushrooms, trompettes-de-la-mort, shiitake, chanterelles (tube or yellowing), autumn mousserons, but she advises against it for sheep’s feet, which become bitters, chanterelles or oyster mushrooms, which become too chewy when rehydrated and cooked.

Start by washing your mushrooms thoroughly. Arrange them on racks, wooden crates. You can also thread them with a needle on a thread, a string in front of the wood stove. Leave them whole for small specimens or cut them into strips (especially porcini mushrooms). Do not let the mushrooms touch each other to facilitate drying. For homemade techniques, without a dehydrator, drying can take from twenty-four (chanterelles) to forty-eight hours (porcini mushrooms). At worst, finish drying in the oven, thermostat at 50 degrees, door ajar. Check that the mushrooms are dry by handling them a little. Store them in an airtight jar away from light and at room temperature. To be sure to keep them dry, place a pinch of rice at the bottom to absorb the residual moisture. To rehydrate the mushrooms, simply place them in a bowl of lukewarm water for thirty minutes (chanterelles, trumpets) to two hours (porcini, shiitake).

(1) Editions Alternatives (2019), 14,95 €.

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