Dries Roelvink: ‘I have been trying to squeeze in for years’ Entertainment

entertainment“>”I feel that many people have still not received an answer to the question: can Dries really sing beautifully?” Says Dries. For a moment, it seemed that his participation in the program would be a matter of time. “I’ve been trying to squeeze in for years. I have had a cup of coffee with producer Frank Timmer. He said, “You can still hear from me.” “

entertainment“>In the upcoming, thirteenth season of Dear Singers include Suzan and Freek, Tabitha, Miss Montreal and Diggy Dex. Unfortunately for Dries it still has not happened. “Every time I look at the new list of participants, I think: damn it! But I don’t give up. ”

entertainment“>He managed to fulfill another long-cherished dream of Dries, to once be in pop temple Paradiso, in 2018.

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