Drinks do not take on an empty stomach!

A number of nutritionists have compiled a complete list of drinks that are harmful to the body, according to the specialized Interia website.

According to the site, doctors reported that citrus juices contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity; But even a small amount of the drink causes stomach irritation, heartburn and belching. We advise people with high acidity not to take it at all; Tomato juice, for example, increases stomach acid production, which can cause pain or indigestion.

Doctors warned against drinking tea and coffee on an empty stomach; It can lead to an acid imbalance and can lead to dehydration and cause edema. While drinking black coffee on an empty stomach may release the stress hormone cortisol, which leads to heart palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks. They also warned against consuming soft drinks on an empty stomach, as it increases the work of the liver, pancreas and stomach, destroys teeth and contributes to the occurrence of fungal diseases.


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