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Jeder knows Max Mustermann, even if he does not exist. The Yamaha TMax has been around for 19 years, and everyone in the scooter world knows it. For the 20th year, the world's most successful sports scooter not only in the seventh generation, but for the first time as a 560er. When he debuted in 2000, he was a 500, later he grew to 530, always with two-cylinder engine. 330,000 units have been sold to date, five-sixths of them in Europe. In this respect, he has long since actually a Max Mustermann, namely role model, so synonymous even for sporty to drive scooters.

217 kilograms weighed the 40-hp Erstling once, 218 brings the latest TMax on the scales, although the technology with ABS, injection and dual catalysts but far more extensive than before. This is only possible through strict diet elsewhere.

With now 48 hp from 562 cubic inches of displacement of the bolted to the chassis two-cylinder in-line engine is the TMax 560 well in the feed, but still consumes half a liter less – 4.8 liters proclaim on-board computer and data sheet – as the previous model. Because the nimble suspension is even finer tuned, the brakes are well dosed and just as effective and the ergonomics continue to be driving, yet still comfortable, even the youngest TMax is a source of fun. The ride comfort is high thanks to the newly tuned, wonderfully smooth-acting variator, the twin with the horizontal cylinders hardly emits any vibrations. At least 1.75 meters in height are required because of the ground contact when stopping. An expensive companion is the TMax but already: 11 999 euros are a word.

217 kilograms weighed the 40-hp Erstling first, 218 brings the latest TMax on the scales.


But there is even more: Who decides to buy the opulent equipped TMax Tech Max 560, is even 13 699 euros going on. Handle and seat heating, cruise control, electrically adjustable windscreen and smartphone integration are included in this case. But: Only a 12 V socket in the glove compartment is poor in the USB age, an automatic turn signal reset saves Yamaha even the same. A very useful part of the tech line is, but not only in the rain, the Vario disc: quieter than behind the convertible to mobile wall unit disc we have not driven 165 km / h for a long time.

If you want to personalize your TMax despite the high prices, you will find all sorts of possibilities. Particularly popular, not only in the main market Italy, is the Akrapovic sport exhaust – so much so that the Slovenian exhaust supplier of this part settles more than any other model. The TMax is really worth something to its owners.

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