Drone attack in Kabul: USA offers survivors money and entry

Drone attack in Kabul
USA offers survivors money and immigration

In a drone attack in the Afghan capital in August, the US armed forces kill ten innocent people, including seven children and an aid worker. The military speaks of a “tragic mistake”. The Americans are now offering the relatives compensation.

The US wants to pay compensation to the relatives of civilians killed in a drone attack in Afghanistan. The US Department of Defense said it would also allow the remaining ten innocent civilians to travel to the US if they wanted to leave the country. Seven children were among the victims in the drone attack in Kabul.

The offer of compensation for the bereaved had previously been decided at a meeting between the Secretary of State for Defense Policy Colin Kahl and the President of the Afghan aid organization Nutrition and Education International, Steven Kwon. One of the civilians killed in Kabul was an employee of the aid organization.

About a month ago, the US armed forces admitted that they had killed ten innocents in the drone attack in the Afghan capital at the end of August. The attack a few days after a bloody attack at Kabul airport was a “tragic mistake”, said the head of the central command of the US armed forces, General Kenneth McKenzie.

The armed forces acted with the firm belief that the attacked vehicle posed a danger to US soldiers and people waiting to leave the Kabul airport, said McKenzie. An army investigation found that this was a mistake. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had also apologized for the drone attack and expressed his condolences to the relatives.


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