Drone videos: Istanbul and Venice in lockdown

Watch the video: Ghostly Void – Istanbul and Venice Lockdown.

In Istanbul, birds have taken over the banks of the Bosphorus. Where else thousands of locals and tourists populate the streets every day, there was hardly a soul to be found at the weekend. The cause is a curfew that was imposed in the course of the corona pandemic for Saturday and Sunday. The additional restrictions apply in 31 provinces, including the capital Ankara. People under the age of 20 and over 65 have been instructed to stay at home for a long time. Istanbul alone has over 15 million inhabitants and 83 million in Turkey. The reported number of people who died of Covid-19 at the weekend was around 1800. Spookily empty squares and bridges also in Venice. Nowhere else is the difference to normality as clear as in the lagoon city. Usually Venice is literally crowded with tourists. Italy is still sealed off, even though the rise in the number of new virus deaths has slowed. The turnaround is not progressing as quickly as one had hoped. Italy has been in the lockdown for almost six weeks.

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