Drooling during sleep may be a dangerous indicator of some diseases

Drooling while sleeping It is one of the things that many suffer from, whether adults or children, sometimes it is normal due to stress or the like, and at times it is an indication of serious diseases, so you should pay attention if you notice saliva from the mouth continuously during sleep, as this It is not normal, and in the article we present to the followers of the Thaqafni website the pathological cases that drool when infected.

The role of saliva in swallowing food

Saliva plays a major role in the process of swallowing food and its descent into the digestive system without any problems.

Where saliva consists of water, salts, and proteins that benefit the human body.

However, there are cases where saliva may be evidence of serious health issues.

Causes drooling during sleep

There are some causes that result in an emergency saliva, especially during sleep, which are as follows:-

  • Eat plenty of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and strawberries.
  • Increased stomach acid, which causes GERD and drooling during sleep.
  • The age factor also plays a large role, as children under two years are most likely to have a runny nose not only during sleep but also during daylight hours.

Diseases that cause salivation during sleep

There are several diseases in which salivation is one of the most prominent symptoms, which are as follows:-

  • Drooling may be normal in children under the age of two, due to their inability to control their saliva.
  • If this is observed consistently in older children or adults, it is a symptom of a health problem.
  • One of the most important causes of a runny nose during sleep is a dental problem, a cold, and the inability to breathe well through the nose.
  • As breathing through the mouth causes more oxygen to enter than normal, which causes water to come out of the mouth during sleep.
  • Also, drooling is a symptom of neuritis of the brain or strokes, so it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor for examination and the necessary x-rays.

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