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Simply lose fat thanks to bimagrumab?

Will it be possible in the near future to lose excess fat mass simply with the help of a drug? In a recent study, it was actually possible to reduce the fat mass of people with diabetes by 20 percent with the help of the monoclonal antibody bimagrumab.

Bimagrumab appears to be an effective way of helping people with weight problems lose weight, according to a study carried out by researchers from the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research. The study was published in the English-language journal “JAMA” released.

Lose weight with the help of medication?

Many people in the world are overweight or even obese. Treating weight problems with medication has often proven problematic in the past. Medicines approved for this often had only a minor effect. Some of these drugs even had to be withdrawn from the market because of undesirable side effects. Rimonabant favored according to an English-language journal “BMJ“Published study, for example Angst and Depression.

However, the latest research results give hope that in the near future people with weight problems will be able to effectively lose weight with the help of a drug. The monoclonal antibody bimagrumab stimulates muscle growth by blocking what are known as activin type two receptors. The medication enabled the participants to take part Obesity and type 2 diabetes reduce their weight and achieve a significant reduction in fat mass during an examination.

Muscle building and fat loss at the same time

The drug should actually be investigated for the treatment of a rare muscle disease with muscle wasting and muscle weakness. It quickly became apparent that bimagrumab promoted muscle growth and also influenced body fat. So the participants built muscle and lost body fat.

On this basis, 75 participants were enrolled in a phase two study. These people suffered from type 2 diabetes and they were also overweight (BMI 28) up to extreme obesity grade III (BMI 40). The participants either received professional advice on the subjects of diet and Move, where they were also given an infusion of bimagrumab once a month over a period of 48 weeks, or they were given a placebo instead of the drug.

More than 20 percent loss of body fat mass

The advice combined with the drug led to a significant decrease in body fat mass by a remarkable 20.5 percent (7.5 kilograms). In contrast, the researchers reported in the specialist journal “JAMA” that the fat mass could only be reduced by 0.5 percent through advice on diet and exercise alone. In addition, an increase in muscle mass of 3.6 percent was noticeable.

Future treatment with the help of injections

However, there were unwanted effects on the liver and pancreas, which is why in the future a weekly administration by injection under the skin (subcutaneously) will probably be sought, reports the “German medical journal“In a contribution to the study results.

Weight loss can reverse diabetes

Overweight and obesity are major contributors to the development of type 2 diabetes. It is possible for affected people to alleviate the disease by losing weight. But it gets even better: through one Loss of weight can often cure type 2 diabetes.

New approach to obesity treatment

ActRII blockade with bimagrumab in overweight or obese participants with type 2 diabetes significantly reduced fat mass and at the same time promoted muscle growth, and in addition, an improvement in metabolism had set in, the researchers summarize. The team concludes that inhibition of the ActRII signaling pathway could represent a new approach to the pharmacological treatment of excessive obesity and associated metabolic disorders. (as)

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