Druide announces two new Antidote + personal and family packages

To say that not so long ago, you had to have a variety of large dictionaries with you, not only at home, but also at the office or at school.

In my case, I have used Antidote since its very beginnings, every day that I go to the keyboard to write my texts and as many emails, and this in both languages.

What’s new since Friday is that Druide informatique is offering a subscription service. Called Antidote +, the latter offers Antidote10 for macOS, Windows and Linux computers, AntidoteWeb for browsers and Antidote Mobile for the iOS system of iPhones and iPad tablets.

On browsers, Antidote Web’s language tools include the corrector, dictionaries and writing guides from any computer, tablet, phone and even Chromebooks popular with students.

Antidote + Personal and Antidote + Family packages

With Antidote +, a person switches from one of these platforms to the other and always finds their favorites, settings, word lists and personal dictionaries there.

Antidote + Family allows five people to use “Antidote on all their platforms. A subscription is enough, and one person can create accounts for each member of the family. Everyone gets an individual account and can have their own personal settings, favorites, wordlists and dictionaries. In addition, as long as the subscription is maintained, subscribers get any update or upgrade for each application free of charge ”. Its cost: $ 99.95 per year.

As its name suggests, Antidote + Personnel offers the same services, but for a single subscriber; $ 59.95 annually.

Extensive software compatibility

What makes Antidote strong is its great compatibility with the software we use such as Microsoft’s Office suite, LibreOffice, OpenOffice and NeoOffice suites, Apple Mail, Pages and Keynote and the list gets longer with each upgrade. See here the compatible software for each system.

Of course, each update brings its share of new words and phrases, as well as new synonyms and new etymologies.

As a single-user version, a classic version of Antidote 10 for Windows, macOS or Linux costs $ 129.95, without upgrading. If you want to upgrade it, it’s $ 59 for a single language or $ 99 for French and English.

To be installed in any good computer.

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