Dtv Nieuws – Theater De Lievekamp becomes vaccination location: ‘We take our social responsibility’

In the coming days, De Lievekamp theater in Oss will accommodate some 2,300 people for their corona vaccination. These are 63 and 64-year-olds, people with morbid obesity and people with a mental disability.

The theater is currently forced to stop and so there is enough space there to give patients of the Osse GP practices their injection. Space is too limited in the practices themselves.

Theater director Coen Bais already contacted Alderman Thijs van Kessel last year and offered the theater as a puncture location. “Last year we already had 2800 people in here for the flu shot and it all went well. And because we don’t have any performances now, there is now plenty of opportunity. We really want to take our social responsibility with this ”, explains Bais.

At the end of this week, clients of GP practice De Lievekamp will first be guests in the theater of the same name. From 1 to 5 March, it will be the turn of the other GP practices.

Opening the Lievekamp to vaccinations is separate from the GGD’s search for a large location to administer a corona vaccine to other age groups as well.

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