Due to an eclipse of the Sun, an Argentine city will be completely dark | Chronicle

The next December 14th a eclipse of Sol will leave in the dark the city of Cutral Co, located in Neuquen. In addition, it will be the best point in the southern hemisphere to observe the phenomenon.

He Sol it will be covered by the Moon for 97.98 percent of its disk. In this way, Cutral Co will be dark at noon.

“In the geographic center of Cutral Co the solar eclipse will be partial although in a high percentage that it will reach, when it reaches its maximum level, neither more nor less than 97.98 percent”, details the official site Eclipse Solar2020.Org.

Then the site adds that “There, the astronomical show will begin at 11:45:25, 5 seconds, while at 13:09:45, the Sun will be eclipsed in its highest percentage, which will be 97.98 percent, and at 14:45. 37: 20,2 the celestial event will come to an end ”.

On the other hand, the site details the percentages of Sol overshadowed in each of the towns in Argentina.


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