Due to obstacles to imports, the participation in sales of national pickups will be record

The automotive market is experiencing a very special moment. The consequences of the pandemic added to the obstacles to import due to the shortage of dollars are generating changes in the behavior of demand. The most significant is produced in the segment of national pickups that, amid the general crisis, are increasing their participation in sales. If the patents from last August are taken and compared with the same month of 2019, a growth of 3.5 percentage points of market share is registered. Of the 12.5% ​​represented by the operations of these vehicles a year ago it went to 16% at the end of last August. This growth, in such a short time, is already important in itself, but the projections for the coming months made by the automakers show that it is a trend that will deepen. It is clear that the number of units that will be sold this year will be lower than in 2019 since the market will be at least 30% lower. The growth is marked by the relationship with other segments.


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