Duh, Tora Sudiro & Mieke Amalia admit it’s really wild when dating


Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia are known as a funny and harmonious family. But, it turns out that their past romance was quite complicated, Mother.

Before getting married to Tora Sudiro, Mieke Amalia was married to a man named Hendra Wijaya from 1999 to 2006. Likewise with Tora, she was previously married to Anggraini Kadiman from 1999 to 2009.

Mieke Amalia was once mentioned as the third person at Tora Sudiro’s marriage to Anggraini. Even though they were under criticism, Tora and Mieke’s relationship continued.

Tora admitted that it was very difficult to get Mieke. In that sense, they were quite difficult to get together like they are now.

“It’s not difficult to get me. But, we both have a hard time reaching this much,” said Mieke Amalia quoted from YouTube. 3SECOND TV.

This celebrity couple tells that they are dating in secret. In fact, even to make calls, you have to hide in the bathroom.

“In the past, when I was going out, I went to the bathroom, (called) ‘I’m in the bathroom …’, I was lucky. married, “said Mieke Amalia.

This December, the marriage age of Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia has reached 11 years, Mother. They then bluntly lived together before getting married.

“Samen Leven didn’t get caught, you know imagine no, really hide-and-seek like what know, “said Mieke.

This mother said it was okay to reveal this on social media. Everything has already happened.

“It’s okay, it’s already absurd. It’s old too. What can you do?” he said.

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