Dungeon Fighter Online: a DNF Duel fighting game by Arc System Works and Eighting announced, Project BBQ gets a new trailer

It was this weekend that the Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival, showcasing the popular Korean license. But what is Dungeon Fighter Online ? This is a MMO beat’em up free-to-play released on PC 15 years ago in 2005 and developed by Neople, a subsidiary of the giant Nexon. With over 700 million registered players across the world and revenues exceeding $ 15 billion as of May 2020, we have here an entertainment juggernaut, although it is not well known in our regions. That may well change with the first announcement that interests us now: DNF Duel.

After tackling the universe of Granblue Fantasy with the aptly named Granblue Fantasy Versus released this year, Arc System Works is therefore working to adapt DFO to a fighting game turning under Unreal Engine 4, with an aesthetic that is recognizable at first glance. The studio is not alone on the project, since Eighting the co-development, to whom we owe them Bloody Roar or Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. From the little that is shown, it will be possible to play with the following classes: Berserker, Striker (women), Grappler (man), Inquisitor and Ranger (man).

The intro of the video also shows us shots from animated cutscenes of DFO with the Secret Agent, l’Elven Knight and the Lightbringer, the Kunoichi or theImpaler, which could therefore also be playable. To read the first returns on the Web, beyond the roster, the success of the game could above all go through the integration or not of a netcode Of type rollback, as will be the case on Guilty Gear: Strive (pre-order at € 69.99 on Amazon), other fighting game d’Arc System Works expected in the first half of 2021.

The other spin-off major to have been talked about is currently called Project BBQ, developped by Action Studio, which should transpose to 3D the universe so far all in 2D. Already announced in 2018 via the first of the two videos below, it should take place in an alternate universe where Will survived, the mysterious black cube present on stage during the broadcast of the new trailer serving precisely to transport adventurers between dimensions. In both cases, no platform was mentioned or even a release period, so anything is possible.

Besides these two rather promising games, it is la version mobile de Dungeon Fighter Online who was entitled to his trailer, the opportunity to see the license in action.

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