Duque celebrated the title of America; Rafael Pardo replied

However, the former minister and former presidential candidate Rafael Pardo, a confessed ‘cardinal’ follower, reacted forcefully.

“Congratulations to the players, coaching staff and fans of my America … They achieve this triumph in a year of great challenges. Everyone, celebrate calmly, without crowds. Protect life and health. Long live the Mechita! ”, trilled the president.

Immediately afterwards, Pardo answered him in the same way in a concise but direct way. “They robbed us,” he replied, although without arguing the reason for his accusation and without clarifying if he did it in a joking tone.

The truth is that the one who ended up celebrating was Ivan duque, that he has never hidden his fondness for the scarlet painting, despite being from Bogota and from Antioquia father.

America from Cali champion of the Betplay League after thrashing 3-0 to Independent Santa Fe in the first leg and falling 2-0 in the second leg.

Duke celebrates the title of America

Here, the trill of the president of Colombia and the immediate response of Rafarl Pardo Rueda:


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