world During the corona crisis, Thailand was king in Bavaria

During the corona crisis, Thailand was king in Bavaria


Dhe Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen advertises with a “unique view of the Zugspitze”. But the “Alpine panorama paired with cosiness” is only available to special guests in times of the pandemic. While German hotels had to close in the wake of the crisis, the Sonnenbichl has a special permit. Because not Hans and Franz live there these days, but the 67-year-old Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn with his entourage. Since these guests were a “homogeneous” group of people, the exception had been made, said a representative of the district office.

The Thai king in Bavaria? In his home country, the news had spread mainly through social networks. It is known there that the monarch crowned last year spent a lot of time in Bavaria. As the Reuters news agency reported, an unusually large number of comments were now critical.

As the insult to the king can be punished with imprisonment of up to 15 years in Thailand, such statements are not without danger. The wave of comments apparently led the responsible minister to post a warning to citizens on Twitter not to violate the laws regulating Internet content. The warning came with a picture showing hands in handcuffs over a keyboard.

Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl: This is where the king lives with his entourage.

Hamsters banned

Attention to the king’s whereabouts comes at a time when the situation is also worsening in Thailand. The first corona case outside of China was reported in the tropical holiday destination in January. After that there was only a slight increase in infections. But now, according to Johns Hopkins University, Thailand has 934 documented cases of Covid-19. At least four people are said to have died from the consequences of the disease.



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