During the holiday, most of the weather in our province is fine and the temperature gradually rises._Sina Technology_Sina Network

During the “May Day” holiday, the weather in most parts of our province is fine, the temperature gradually rises, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The public is reminded to change clothes according to the temperature changes, and pay attention to sun protection when traveling.

On April 28, the Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a special forecast for the “May 1st” holiday: It is expected that during the “May 1st” holiday, there will be light rain or showers in the central and eastern parts of our province on the 30th, and there will be strong winds of about level 5 in most of northern Shaanxi and northern Guanzhong. Weak cooling in Guanzhong; mainly sunny to cloudy weather from 1 to 4 days.

April 29: Light rain or showers on cloudy days in most parts of northern Shaanxi, light rain on cloudy to cloudy days in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, moderate rain in parts of central and western parts of Guanzhong and parts of Hanzhong. There are northerly winds around level 5 and gusts up to level 6 in northern Shaanxi. April 30: The province turned cloudy and cloudy, with light rain or showers in the southern part of Guanzhong and eastern Shaanxi. In northern Shaanxi, northern Guanzhong, and northern Shangluo, there are northerly winds around level 5, and gusts can reach level 6. May 1: It was cloudy between sunny days in northern Shaanxi, and cloudy and sunny days in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi. May 2: The province is sunny and cloudy; May 3: The province is sunny and cloudy; May 4: The province is sunny and cloudy.

The Xi’an Meteorological Observatory issued the “May Day” special weather forecast on the 28th: ​​It is expected that during the “May Day” holiday, there will be precipitation weather in Xi’an from the night of the 29th to the daytime of the 30th. The temperature is lower. From May 1st to 4th, the weather is mainly cloudy to sunny, and the temperature gradually rises; the atmospheric diffusion conditions are generally good.

April 29: cloudy to light rain, moderate rain in southern mountainous areas; northerly winds of magnitude 3-4, gusts of magnitude 5-6, 11-21 ℃; April 30: light rain to cloudy, 9-18 ℃; May 1st: cloudy to cloudy, 9-22℃; May 2nd: cloudy to sunny, 10-25℃; May 3rd: cloudy with sunny days, 10-27℃; May 4th: cloudy with sunny days, 13~29℃.Our reporter Tao Ying

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