During the summer days of the PS, Faure defends the “project for 2022”

“I am fighting for victory” and to “put an end to the Macronist adventure”: the first secretary of the socialist party Olivier Faure, convinced that “the match is not folded”, presented this Saturday the project of his party for 2022, on the second day of the PS summer campus in Blois.

In a room won over to his cause, the one who is seeking a second term at the head of the PS during the September congress has, during 1h15, detailed the main lines of the “new socialist project”. “The time has come to resume the ideological and cultural offensive,” he declared, to cheers. “To live better, we need a work-study program that is an alternative, a 2022 that resonates like May 10, 1981”.

“Rebalance” the institutions

Advocating “republican universalism, social and ecological justice and real equality”, he developed some of the main measures proposed: bringing Gisèle Halimi into the Pantheon, “sanctioning any breach of women’s rights and equality wage “,” make possible the referendum of shared initiative “, create” a minimum of youth “,” replace the GDP index by economic indicators taking into account the quality of life or sustainable development “. “For 5 years, we had a president of the rich, in 2022 we will elect a president, or rather a president, for all the others,” he insisted. Another flagship proposal, “we will transfer to the Prime Minister the power to dissolve the Assembly”, he added, to “rebalance” the institutions.

This proposal is particularly cringe Hélène Geoffroy, mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin and candidate to take the leadership of the PS in September. “There were no real debates. Enormities or profound transformations are not debated, ”she regretted the day before in front of the press. “A project that has not been appropriated is a project that cannot be defended,” she judged. “There is a gap between the scope of the subjects and the lightness of the consultation,” lamented one of his supporters, François Kalfon, member of the national office.

” Desert crossing “

In total, the project, led under the leadership of national secretary Boris Vallaud, resulted in around 100 proposals. “It’s been 10 years that there was no socialist project”, had recalled Olivier Faure in the morning to the press, evoking “a project which comes from far”, resulting from parliamentary work, of hearings “started 18 months ago ”, and“ debates for six months ”through“ lives ”, a kind of interactive presentation on social networks.

These proposals, discussed in Blois in 85 workshops, will “go back to the federations” and will still be “debated, confronted, amended” until September 9, before being adopted at the congress at the end of September. he adds. In front of the press and in front of the activists, he reaffirmed his certainty that Anne Hidalgo, whom he wishes to see run for president, could win despite the polls which credit her with around 7% of the vote. “We must stop considering that it is the absolute barometer”, he hammered, recalling that during the previous elections, “all the champions of the fall do not go the distance”.

Internal voting

As for the final choice of the socialist candidate, he repeated that the activists will have the last word, during an internal vote: “nobody wanted to deprive the activists of a choice which belongs to them”, he said. . This vote will take place after the September congress. “I have eaten enough sand to know what a desert crossing is. I know what contempt is in the gaze of others, but I also know today the gaze of people which is changing ”, with the latest results in the departmental and regional municipal elections, which have given new hope, wants to believe Olivier Faure.

Anne Hidalgo has not said a word about this project. “We sent him the work”, and “she can dig into it”, we explain to the PS. “It’s a project that goes beyond a legislature,” Olivier Faure told AFP. “There are many subjects that cannot be fully covered in five years.”

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