During Wendler’s escape: “Laura vomited in the car” – People

A former friend of Michael Wendler unpacked in an interview how his wife Laura is doing.

Michael Wendler wanted to flee to Germany very secretly with his wife Laura Müller and his good friend Timo Berger. The hit man had asked his buddy not to tell anyone about this trip.

“She vomited twice in the car”

Now Berger chatted openly about this secret trip and said that Laura was not doing well on the way to the airport. “During the drive she felt sick the whole time, she vomited twice in the car … Almost as if it all happened against her will.”

Timo paid for the trip

He suspects: “Maybe she realized the consequences of this secret return sooner than Michael.” By the way, Timo paid the money for the trip. He’s got it back now. Wendler didn’t have to transfer anything to him, because the costs were simply offset against the canceled honeymoon.

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