Dustin Schöne: Who is the man with whom Lena Gercke is expecting a child

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This news caused a stir at the weekend: Lena Gercke is pregnant. The expectant father: her friend Dustin Schöne, who has been officially at the model’s side since April 2019. But what do you actually know about him?

You can find out on his Instagram account: Dustin Schöne is, among other things, a director and managing director of a production company called “Saltwater”. This produces, among other things, advertising and image films for large customers. Names like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Nike, Samsung or others appear in the portfolio. Well-known testimonials have been used for these, with which Dustin Schöne had contact. He now knows a lot about the celebrity world.

Born in Berlin, he also studied business administration in Düsseldorf and worked as an editor for Angel Magazine.

Dustin Schöne sells fishing accessories

If you look at his postings, you will quickly see that he still enjoys fishing today and can switch off easily. Under a picture that shows him with a large fish, Schoene writes: “Free day. Charge batteries.” On his account he also advertises another company called “Nays”. A click on the website shows: Lena Gercke’s friend is also responsible in the imprint. What exactly is behind the company? “Nays’ goal is to provide world-class fishing gear to ambitious anglers around the world,” the website says. Schöne has also turned his hobby into a profession and uses his fishing experience for a second professional mainstay.

Both Dustin Schöne and Lena Gercke always post couple pictures. How the two got to know each other is not known, nor has it been since when the two have been together exactly, what week of pregnancy Lena Gercke is in, or whether it will be a girl or boy. Even if the couple keeps their private lives out of the public eye as much as possible: that the two are happy is also seen that way. And that’s the most important thing.

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