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Philippine President Duterte (middle) received the Chinese National Medicine vaccine on the 3rd of this month, but was scolded after he announced the news and urgently appealed to “don’t learn from me.”Picture: Retrieved from Bongo Facebook

The Philippines was hit hard by China’s Wuhan pneumonia and the epidemic is severe. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who originally did not plan to be vaccinated, received the first dose on the 3rd local time-Sinopharm vaccine donated by the Chinese Embassy , On the 4th, a cronie announced the message, hoping to encourage encouragement. Unexpectedly, Duterte’s demonstration turned out to be wrong, because the Philippine Ministry of Health has not approved the vaccine. Duterte, who was scolded, hurriedly returned the product and appealed to the public “it’s dangerous, don’t follow me.”

The epidemic in the Philippines is on the rise, with more than 1 million confirmed cases and 175,000 deaths. However, official data show that only 1.6 million people in the Philippines, with a population of 110 million, have received the first dose of the vaccine, and fewer than 300,000 people have received the complete two doses of the vaccine.

Senator Bong Go, a close friend of Duterte, announced on Facebook on the 4th that the 76-year-old Duterte asked Health Secretary Francisco Duque to vaccinate him. Officials said that Duterte was given the China National Pharmaceutical Group vaccine, and also explained that the president’s security personnel secretly received the China National Pharmaceutical Group vaccine last year before the vaccine was approved by the relevant authorities.

According to the news, Duterte’s government was scolded because he hit 1,000 vaccines donated by the Chinese Embassy, ​​which had not yet been approved by the Philippines.

Duterte urgently returned the batch of vaccines on the 5th, and he also urged China that “Sinovac vaccines should only be sent in the future,” because currently the Philippines only approves the Sinovac vaccines, but not the national medicines. He also explained that he was vaccinated with China National Medicines Vaccine only under the condition of “specialized treatment”, and said that this vaccine has not been researched, so he can get it alone. This is very dangerous. “Don’t follow me.”

It is understood that the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently testing China’s Kexing vaccine and Sinopharm vaccine. It is currently known that Kexing vaccine is more protective for adults under 60 years old, but there is no risk assessment of side effects; as for Sinopharm? Reuters said experts have no confidence at all.

Duterte’s government was scolded because he hit 1,000 vaccines donated by the Chinese Embassy, ​​which had not yet been approved by the Philippines.


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