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The free-to-play simulation game “Dwarf Fortress” (Dwarf Fortress), developed by the independent team of Bay 12 Games for decades, officially launched on the Steam and Itch.io platforms with a brand-new look yesterday (6), and set a record of more than 3,000 on Steam in one day. The overwhelmingly positive word of mouth with 97% positive reviews.

The reputation of “Dwarf Fortress” has a history of many years, if it is 20 years from the game development stage. Developed since 2002 and launched in 2006, Dwarf Fortress is still an ASCII computer coded text-style simulation game. Since its launch, no set has ever been released because it has always been a free game.

In the game, the player acts as the leader of the dwarf fortress, but you cannot control the dwarves yourself, you can only “order” them to do things, such as collecting resources or hunting, and the game world has extremely complex random parameters that form various In some event, your dwarves may suddenly fall ill at work, or be unable to fulfill your orders due to external factors.


In other words, “Dwarf Fortress” fully expresses the true meaning of “simulation game”, because it simulates as much as possible any “accidents” that all dwarves and creatures in the game will encounter in the complex world, and then you can’t expect it. status.

For example your dwarf can’t finish building because he was beaten to death by a gorilla. For example the winemaker can’t work because he is being haunted by a ghost who drowned in the river. For example, your dwarves are dying of thirst because the dwarves you assigned to build the well were unable to complete the well because the rope was stolen by the monkey.

Events such as these have given “Dwarf Fortress” a rich “failure” experience, but the player community is never tired of it, because the game reflects a kind of fun, an element that players have never had in other simple games with the purpose of clearing the level. In Dwarf Fortress, players seem to be enjoying the malicious dwarf world.


“Dwarf Fortress” inspired many works of the same type, such as the simulation game “RimWorld” that also received overwhelming praise on Steam and sold more than one million copies.

However, the two brothers Tarn Adams and Zach Adams of Bay 12 Games, the two-person development team that created “Dwarf Fortress”, launched the game for many years and only received some player support through Patreon sponsorship, but they still maintained their enthusiasm and continued to update until the unfortunate news came out , Zach Adams has cancer.

for huge medical expenses.As well as the medical problems that Tarn may also encounter in the future, the Adams brothers are determined to put the game on Steam and find it with the help of the publisher Kitfox Mayday and Ironhand Creating new graphics and brand new music for the original game gives Dwarf Fortress a fresh take on it.


“We’ve wanted to do this forever since we were kids, we wanted to make something magical,” Tarn replied PC Gamer The interview said: “Boat, we just talked about the boat, right? I want to add a boat (in the game)! That hasn’t changed. Whether I’m sitting on a whole pile of bills or just sitting 25 cents, as long as I don’t die, we’ll play (the game) forever!”

The continuous update of “Dwarf Fortress” and the enthusiasm of the Adams brothers for the past 20 years have long been legends in the overseas industry. Us”, “Dead by Daylight”, “Slime Rancher” and many overseas game developers’ retweets.

That the release of an indie game was so welcomed and congratulated by the industry seems to prove the reputation that the Adams brothers have accumulated for making games.

It is worth mentioning that “Dwarf Fortress” used to be daunted by the high difficulty of the “cliff-style learning curve”. With the advent of the new “Dwarf Fortress”, the game has already supported the novice teaching process.

However, for veteran players, the UI and shortcut keys of Dwarf Fortress are different from previous versions. To complete the first fortress, it is better to follow the novice tutorial step by step.



Random world composition, severe environmental challenges, complex event variables, creatures that specialize in trouble, dwarves out of control, and failure are common endings. Welcome to Dwarf Fortress.

Developed by the two-person team Bay 12 Games and published by Kitfox Games, “Dwarf Fortress” has been officially launched on Steam, and the price in Taiwan is NT$488.

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