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When Dad has to go to work, NOTHING will stop him! Especially no fence or gate.

Ex-wrestler Dwayne Johnson (48) demolished part of his own property to get to the set on time. The actor, better known as The Rock, posted a photo of his cast-iron courtyard gate lying on the ground on Instagram. He writes: “Not my noblest act, but a man has to go to work.”

Clearly, the ex-wrestler pulled the part out of its anchor himself!

How did the excess violence at the gate come about? Johnson writes: “We had a power outage after a heavy storm at night. The main gate would not open. I tried to bypass the hydraulics, then it usually works, but not this time. “

The actor (“Jumanji: The Next Level”) apparently stayed calm. He called an electrician, but because the Johnson family lives in a remote area north of Atlanta, Georgia, it would have taken the electrician 45 minutes to get to the property.

Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

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Dwayne Johnson 2019 bei der London-Premiere seine Films „Jumanji: The Next Level“Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

Now The Rock was getting really nervous! “At this point it is clear that there are hundreds of production workers and crew members waiting for me to start work. So I did what I had to do. I pushed, pulled and tore the gate completely out – myself. I just ripped it out of the brick wall, breaking the steel brackets and then throwing it on the grass, ”he wrote.

His fans later had fun on Instagram in the comments. They wrote: “If Dad has to go to work, Dad has to go to work”, “Please also post the pictures from your surveillance camera here” and “The gate opens in the other direction!”

When Johnson’s security guards later met the electrician, they were filming the crime scene. By then, the father of three children was safely at work: Johnson is currently filming “Black Adam”. It’s about a character with super powers – what else!


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