Dwight Howard responds to recent criticism of Shaquille O’Neal

For a while there was a truce between Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal. In the past, the two men have often slashed through the media. But for the second inside passage to the Los Angeles Lakers, the consultant had decided to calm things down. Deep in the hole at that time, Howard had surely appreciated this lull.

And among the Angelenos, the pivot has just succeeded in relaunching with obviously the title won. He played a real role in this coronation. And yet, in the wake of this victory, O’Neal didn’t spare Howard. The reason for his criticism? The veteran’s overly theatrical celebrations on social networks …

In an interview with Basketball News‘ Alex Kennedy, the 34-year-old responded to the Lakers legend.

“I only just realized that it is impossible to please everyone. No matter what you do in your life, you cannot satisfy everyone. And the most suitable way to silence them is is with kindness.

So instead of bickering with them, I’m just going to stay focused. If I have one negative thing to say about it, I will never say it publicly. Because I don’t find it necessary.

He has a family, children, people who love him. I don’t want to take this path “, thus relativized Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard sends a clear message: “I don’t want to play for free anymore! “

An honorable speech from Dwight Howard. With the title won and the Free Agency to come, the Pivot has other, more important issues to deal with in his life.

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