Dying Light: Hellraid: Alternative game mode now available for PC and consoles

Techland announces that the Dark Fantasy DLC Dying Light: Hellraid is expanded with a free new content drop that adds a completely new map section and a challenging quest that unlocks a new magic ability.

You can now enter the new map section in “The Mysterious Portal” and face the challenge of a difficult quest that offers a new weapon and a new ability as a reward: magic. To receive this reward, you must complete the quest in a single pass, as you will be reset if you are “turned off”. After completing the quest, you will receive the Fire Staff, a magical weapon that shoots fireballs and sets enemies on fire, and unlocks the Staff Mastery skill.

There are also three new potions that will help you in your search: the Potion of Endurance, the Potion of Power and the Potion of Speed, which reduce damage to opponents, increase melee damage by up to 100% and double the speed of movement.

In addition, the update will add a new location, the Armory, which will only be accessible to those who have completed the “Imprisonment” side quest. In this area, the weapons of Crane are exhibited, which you can unlock when you rise to the rank of Hellraid. Techland will also release a patch for the “Be The Zombie” mode.

Dying Light: Hellraid is an alternate game mode for Dying Light, which is based on Techland’s currently suspended first-person fantasy slasher Hellraid. The new game mode is now available for PC and consoles.

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