Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, The Labyrinth) in a relationship with Sarah Ramos (Parenthood)? A detail on the actress’ private life sows doubt

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A few days ago, a video suggested that Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, The Labyrinth) was again in a relationship! At first, it was not intended to create such a rumor … The actor had simply chosen to replay a scene from the film The Social Network in the company of Sarah Ramos, who we have already seen in the series Parenthood. Except that here, if this video has caused a buzz, many have asked themselves a question: Why were the two actors together in the same house, in the midst of confinement in the United States? Obviously, it didn’t take much to raise the rumors of a possible love story between Dylan O’Brien and Sarah Ramos after this video. If for the moment, we can not know the true nature of their story, a detail is wrong in the private life of the actress …

July 31, 2019, Sarah Ramos shared great news on her account Instagram, announcing her engagement to director and screenwriter Matt Spicer, with whom she has been in love since 2013. But since this surprise publication, the young woman has never shared other photos with her companion, and the latter has even stopped feeding her account Instagram for a long time already … So, is Sarah Ramos still engaged, or did she separate from Matt Spicer to live a new love story with Dylan O’Brien? In reality, it’s still a bit vague here, the two actors being very discreet about their private life. It remains to be seen whether it is a simple friendship between them, or if something more concrete is going on, but the rumors are not about to stop … All in all case, Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf) has already revealed how he imagined his ideal date.



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