Dylan Reales, the golfer from the slum

From a tough neighborhood in Buenos Aires, 17-year-old Dylan Reales is a golf promise that has caught the attention of Argentinian media due to his atypical course. The sportsman, who started playing with a wooden club, is now seeking funds to continue his adventure.

In a country where football players are worshiped, dreams of social advancement sometimes pass through other much less popular sports. The story of Dylan Reales is proof of this. Born in the neighborhood of Villa 31, a slum located in the center of the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, this young athlete has become a small celebrity to whom we devote television shows and newspaper articles. An interest that can be explained as much by his talent as by his career, to say the least atypical.

Indeed, as the Argentinian daily tells Clarion, “It is at 8 years old, while zapping on his television, that Dylan comes across [la chaîne de télévision] Golf Channel and remain completely hypnotized by this sport. Between the young man and the little white ball, it is love at first sight. But golf is an expensive sport, and that love may well remain platonic forever.

Initially elsewhere, Dylan



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