€ 10,000 bonus for civil servants, reinforcement of police and magistrates … the government plan for Seine-Saint-Denis

The ball is in the 9.3! A year and a half after the publication of the parliamentary report Cornut-Gentille which pointed unequivocally the inequalities and the failures of the State in Seine-Saint-Denis, the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, made an appointment with the parliamentarians and the press this Thursday in Bobigny. The goal? Present "23 decisions" to make "the state stronger" in the most populated department of Ile-de-France. A year ago, he had received the parliamentarians to discuss the plight of the 93, its police stations, courts and schools under-equipped …

Sign that the subject is very sensitive, and particularly expected in this department that accumulates difficulties (28% of the population lives below the poverty line) and hopes (with the arrival, including 31 stations Grand Paris Express and Games in 2024), five ministers, including the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, will accompany him this Thursday in commando training "on the ground".

Here are the main announcements that will be made this Thursday by Edouard Philippe.

A loyalty bonus for civil servants. The government promises "the establishment of a loyalty bonus of € 10,000 for agents of public services in the State Seine-Saint-Denis. "Concretely, this premium will be" paid once accomplished five years of effective service, "said Wednesday the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis, Georges-Francois Leclerc.

A flagship measure but also a challenge, especially in the National Education, where, according to the report Cornut-Gentille, 35.7% of primary school teachers remain less than two years in their institution (against 26.5% on average in France), this proportion rising to almost 50% (49.5%) in the second degree, compared with a third on the national average.

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<p><i>Many teachers in Seine-Saint-Denis showed their anger and exhaustion after the suicide of Bobigny's principal Christine Renon. The government plans a loyalty bonus after 5 years of work in the 93. LP / Philippe Lavieille </i></p>
<p><b>More police and video surveillance for better security.  </b>Objective: to rebalance the disparities in the workforce between Seine-Saint-Denis and the capital. And for that, human and material resources will be allocated in the years to come. In details. "A hundred additional judicial police officers (OPJ) will be assigned per year, and for two years and video surveillance will be developed," says Georges-Francois Leclerc.</p><div class=

In addition, 50 additional police positions will be allocated as part of the creation of "two districts of reconquest Republican" in Saint-Ouen and La Courneuve, after Saint-Denis – Aubervilliers. Another long-awaited project is the refurbishment, by 2023, of the police stations in Aulnay-sous-Bois and Epinay-sur-Seine.

Break the "feeling that we do not get justice in Seine-Saint-Denis". Thirty-five clerks and twelve magistrates will be created. As for the work of the court of Bobigny, a true sea serpent, his extension project must see the light of day "by 2026", promises the cabinet of the Prime Minister.

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<p><i>35 posts of clerks and 12 positions of magistrates will be created at the court of Bobigny. LP / Carole Sterlé </i></p>
<p>"Meanwhile, some disputes in the courthouse would be relocated to the district courts". A sensitive file. "On average," said the Cornut-Gentille parliamentary report, "it takes 6.8 months for national criminal records to be sent to Bobigny, compared with 4.8 in France. The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Bobigny, the second largest in France by the volume of activity, arrives last in terms of the ratio of headcount of judges and prosecutors. "</p>
<p><b>"Revitalizing the <a data-ail=health care of fragile people." Parliamentarians of all political stripes who had alerted the Prime Minister in March to the "bankruptcy of health policies in Seine-Saint-Denis" seem to have been heard.

In its new plan, it provides for: the "modernization of the hospital emergency departments of Montreuil, Montfermeil and Aulnay-sous-Bois by 2024"; the "creation of a hospital and health group"; "help to install doctors in the department by supporting up to 100% of their investments"; "Additional heavy equipment (3 tomographs, a medical imaging system, 1 scanner and 2 MRIs) throughout the departmental hospital network by 2021", and "doubling the number of internal training general medicine (213 approved for the academic year 2019-20120) to retain the young physicians of the territory.

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