€ 100,000 scam in Ciney: two people arrested in Paris

The police from the Local Research Service (SLR) of the Condroz-Famenne (Hamois, Ciney), Havelange and Somme-Leuze) police zone made the trip to the Paris region, at the beginning of November 2020, in order to execute an international rogatory commission as part of an investigation started in February 2019. The objective was to identify the perpetrators of extortion, fraud and abuse of weakness committed to the prejudice of a Cinacien for a total amount of around 100,000 euros . In addition to the important financial aspect, serious psychological consequences are to be deplored for the victim.

The on-site search was carried out by the Sûreté Territoriale de la Plaine Saint-Denis. It made it possible to update a logistical and financial base of a network of crooks in Europe. “While all the elements of the investigation pointed in the direction of Côte d’Ivoire, the police managed to find a point of attachment in the French capital. The discoveries made impress: 25,000 € in cash, 3,300 bank cards, 100 SIM cards, 15 mobile phones, tablets and computers, stolen identity documents and pages of internal accounts. Following these discoveries, two European arrest warrants were issued by the investigating judge and are in the process of being executed. The money discovered is about to be repatriated to Belgium in order to compensate the victim. The continuation of the investigation is ensured by the financial brigade of the PJ of Paris. This is a serious blow to this international network of organized crime, suspected of brewing close to a million euros of dirty money per month ”, indicates the chef de corps of the Condroz-Famenne zone Jean-Pierre Descy.

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