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€ 22,000 and 300 grams of cannabis in the car

Very early in the morning on Tuesday, the police arrested three people in a fast-moving vehicle. A strong smell of cannabis emanates from the interior of the vehicle. The conductor, known for 40 legal acts including eight of drug possession, is found in possession of four packages of marijuana with a total weight close to eight grams;

The front passenger does not hold any identity document on him and presents himself under two false identities to the police, one of whom is allegedly the brother of the driver, which the latter denies meaning not knowing the man by his side. He will end up declining his real identity, namely that of a person being the subject of a conditional release obliging him in particular not to commit new offenses and to stay away from the drug-addict environment. It is also the subject of a report to seek. He is already known to the police for 47 facts including 24 related to narcotics. He also has nearly 8 grams of marijuana on him as well as a crumbler.

The rear passenger, known for 64 facts including 35 of drugs, holds for his part a joint, a crusher as well as 2 boxes of marijuana which he took the time to conceal in his underwear. Also, the search carried out at his home will allow investigators to get their hands on two cases containing a total of 21,175 euros as well as 316 grams of cannabis divided into a number of sachets of various quantities.

The police also found a little over 5 grams of cocaine, a large quantity of empty packaging bags, several mobile phones and a precision scale. At the driver’s home: 200 blank packaging bags, a precision scale, 650 euros and a passport in the name of her front passenger whom she declared during her identity check that she did not know.

Police seized nearly 330 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of cocaine, 22,055 euros as well as packaging material. The three suspects were made available to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

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