e beggars: Beware of e-beggars; Dubai police warn of e beggars

Dubai: The country is ready to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. Helping others in Ramadan is a great virtue. Therefore, e-beggars are likely to increase. So the police warned us to be careful. Dubai Police Has been warned about this. These types of scammers come up with emails and posts on social media asking for and asking for money. Dubai Police warns against e-beggars

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Dubai Police have launched a campaign in this regard. Stories are told in a way that makes people sad. Eye-popping posts will be shared on social media. By doing all this, the gang is committing fraud. The police advise that if you notice any such posts or e-mails, you should immediately inform the concerned persons.

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This type of information can be passed on to the police in connection with the Crime (www.ecrime.ae) platform. Since Ramadan is a holy month, such swindlers have taken advantage of it. If begging is noticed, call 901 and report the incident to the police. Police have organized an annual campaign in this regard. Last year, 458 beggars were arrested during an annual police campaign.


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